What would a Blackstar spinoff mean for ‘Arrow’?

I believe they’re called Next Generation OTA. They can’t be NTA, because that’s taken. Perhaps they aren’t even a “Team Arrow” at all. They could be OTB, “Original Team Blackstar.”

Whatever their monicker, they are a team. It’s well constructed similarities to OTA doesn’t preclude me to acknowledging the fact that I love them. It only reinforces my love for them. And Arrow knows this.

But what would a potential Blackstar spinoff mean for Arrow?

more fun in Star City

Folks, Arrow will be shutting their curtains after the eighth and final 10 episode season. Having a spinoff isn’t changing that. And I don’t think that having a spinoff will in any way change Arrow‘s ending. It just means an expansion of the story. One in which I have completely fallen in love with.

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle get to retire and sit on walking chairs and drink tea while their kids will be off saving the city. And I’m okay with that.


Yes, Mia is the Oliver and William is the Felicity and Connor is the Diggle. But I don’t think their similarities or parallels hinder them from being their own characters. It just heightens the reasons we all love OTA in the first place.

It would be one thing if Mia, William, and Connor didn’t have any chemistry. But they do! And it’s glorious, I laugh with them, I cry with them, and marvel at their badassery. Just like I do with OTA.

it’s their babies!

How often do we get a show about the kids of the characters we love? Not often. And I can’t help but want to jump on this opportunity. The daughter of Olicity getting her own show?! THINK ABOUT THE EPICNESS.

What would this mean for society, for culture… for the world?

This is serious! And I just want beautiful things.

picture me this…

After a night of fighting crime our Next Generation OTA go their separate ways.

Mia wonders into a bar, looking for the solitude she felt when she first got here and was marching to the hum of Star City’s rain.

William texts his “boyfriend” an apology for not being in touch. He doesn’t hear back… and he’s not sure he wants to.

Connor paces in his new office, and compulsively checks his weapon for ammo.

You see, Mia likes the rain and her solitude. William could even like the boy he’s texting. And Connor is trying to like his new office more than that rush of fighting alongside her.

Even when Mia’s alone with her thoughts and her scotch, she inevitably drifts to them. Of laughing at her brother and sneaking a peek at her Connor.

It all feels right, the three of them. That’s why William finds his sister at the bar only few minutes before Connor did. They drink their drinks while Mia complains, saying she “just wants to be alone,” but not really.

She’s home. And that’s okay.

That’s it. That’s the show.

Arrow is all new April 15th on The CW!



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