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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×09 “Lucha de Apuestas”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 9, “Lucha de Apuestas” Aired April 1, 2019.

Legends of Tomorrow is known as the craziest show in the Arrowverse. The characters break the fourth wall and get themselves into unbelievable situations. We tune in for laughs and a good time. Their midseason premiere is normally packed with action and fun. Not this week.

Mona on the run

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We last left Mona in the hospital where the kaupe accidentally scratched her. She wakes up to find out everything went to shit. Moan and the kaupe are fugitives. The men who attacked them are still out there.

  • Mona leaves the hospital to find the kaupe.
  • They find each other.
  • The Legends catch up to them.

Mona opens a time portal with the watch she stole and sends him in. He gets sent to Mexico in the 60s. The Legends catch Mona and demand answers. She begs them to let her explain, before they take her in.

The Men in Black

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In the previous episode men in black (hired by Nate’s Dad) were uncovered by Mona. They’d been killing and experimenting on creatures. Mona tells the Legends about her discoveries.

Shockingly they don’t believe her. The Legends normally are the first to believe the good in people. This episode felt very out of character the entire time.

Mona asks them to look at the tapes. Zari being the great person she is, tells her she’ll review them. Good ole Zari, always there for the little guy. 

Bad Dad


While the Legends track down the kaupe in Mexico, Nate, Zari, Ava, and Sara try to figure out what is going on. Here is what Zari and Nate learn.

  1. Nate’s Dad doctored the tapes.
  2. Mona was telling the truth.
  3. Nate is going under cover to find out what his Dad is doing.

The Legends decide to help Mona and the kaupe. Nate demands Ava send out troops to track the Legends, Mona, and the creature. Ava asks Sara to turn them in. Sara tries to reason with her.

Shall we dance?


They argue the typical Legends way, through a salsa dance. While this scene is amazing and gives you all the AvaLance feels, it is also incredibly heartbreaking. After the two argue they draw the line in the sand. Unfortunately they are not on the same side.

This causes massive issues throughout the rest of the episode.

“Sara, for once, I needed you in my corner. I can’t do this anymore. We’re done.”

At the end they fight Ava breaks it off. That’s right, you heard me! The writers did it again. They broke our hearts again. Why? I really have no idea at this point. I am getting whiplash. Will #AvaLance survive this? We will see.

An Unlikely Transformation

I know what you are thinking. Can this episode get more depressing? I’m glad you asked. Yes, yes it can. Mona is about to send the kaupe back to Hawaii. The men in black show up and shoot him. Not one, not two, but four hearts were broken this week.

Infuriated Mona transforms into a kaupe (remember she was scratched). She rips the men in black to shreds and the scene ends with her crying. To recap the episode ends with Ava, Sara, and Mona crying. Apparently I watched a different show this week.

What did you think? Is your heart broken? Are you angry? Tune in next week and check out the aftermath.

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