Good Trouble 1×13 Recap: “Vitamin C”

It's season finale time!

Good Trouble 1×13 aired “Vitamin C” aired on April 2, 2019

Good Trouble ends its great first season with a Black Lives Matter protest, an aborted wedding, and with Mariana and Callie making some hard decisions that may cost them their jobs.

It’s a very busy episode, that serves some story-line better than other, but definitely leaves us wanting more. And no, we still have no idea who Callie chose, but we do get a tango dance sequence!

Let’s break it down…

Jamal’s life mattered

(Freeform/James Clark)

We open on the Black Lives Matter protest in front of the courthouse. It’s the first day of Jamal’s police shooting case and Malika’s hard work as paid off, the protest is a success. The one hitch is that Malika herself is nowhere to be found (more on that later). Callie watches from the sidelines, unable to show support for Jamal and his family.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, shows up as herself and gives a speech at the protest. Jamal’s shooting might be fictional, but his story is one we’re very familiar with in America. We still don’t know whether Jamal and his family will get justice, but I am looking forward to how Good Trouble will continue to explore this subject. Earlier in the season, I had reservations about this storyline, but Good Trouble has handled it with sensitivity and honesty.

Callie’s choice

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Callie’s faced with some very difficult choices this episode, in both her personal and professional life. Callie has always been guided by her heart and it has made her do some stupid things in the past. This time is no different, as Callie might have leaked some evidence to Jamal’s lawyers.

Jamie’s investigator believes Officer Griffin, one of the defendants, was present when the former police chief said it was “easier and cheaper” to let victims of police shootings die, but they have no proof. Jamie, who has a pretty good sense of who Callie is, advises her not to do something that she might regret for the rest of her life.

Officer Griffin’s personnel file, the one Judge Wilson excluded from evidence is the only document that could prove this. Callie knows where Judge Wilson stores the file. Callie, surprisingly, ends up not stealing the file from work. Teenage Callie totally would have stolen that file, I have no doubt about it.

Of course, then someone anonymously sends Callie the personnel file and  it does prove that Officer Griffin  heard the comments made by the Chief of Police. Callie knows that this evidence could be a game-changer for Jamal’s case, but it could mean the end of her career. By the end of the episode, Jamal’s lawyers have new evidence. But as to what role Callie played in them obtaining that evidence is something we will have to wait until next season to find out.

Dennis and his unimaginable grief 

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It’s very mean of the show to not let us know that Dennis is okay until very late in the episode! But yes, Dennis is alive, he’s not okay, but he’s alive. One of the biggest surprises of the season was the connection between Davia and Dennis. It’s Davia who Dennis finally reaches out to, he’s checked himself into a 48 hour hold at the hospital.

Davia goes to see him and in a heartbreaking scene, he shares that he did want to kill himself, but couldn’t do it. That going through with it felt like a betrayal to Jacob, his dead son. He couldn’t throw his own life away, when he spent so long fighting for Jacob’s life. Davia advises Dennis that he continue to keep his grief bottled up.

Malika’s heartbreak

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There were a lot of tears this episode. Malika misses the protest because her mom suffers an aneurysm and is brain dead. She goes to the hospital with Dom, who struggles to trust the doctors and is not ready to pull the plug. He takes out his anger at Malika.

Grief is complicated, but Malika is there for Dom. She’s able to be strong for him as they pull the plug and assures him that he was a good son. In their final moments with their mother, Malika tries to remember the good time and to understand her mother’s struggles, even if she can never really forgive her. The one good thing to come out of this deep sadness is that Dom seems open to maintaining a relationship with Malika

Grief can be incredibly lonely, and as Malika breaks down in her room, it is Sandra who show up for her. Supporting her like Malika has done for her this entire season.

Alice also cries…

(Freeform/James Clark)

Sumi calls off her wedding! VIA TEXT! Which, I’m going to be honest, totally tracks when it comes to Sumi. Alice is honest with Sumi about her own feelings, she will always be her best friend, but she’s not in love with her anymore.

Despite Alice’s breakthrough, Joey still breaks up with Alice. Earlier in the episode, Alice’s parents stopped by The Cotiere. Alice freaked out and made up some hilarious and elaborate lies about who everyone was. As a viewer, it was fun to watch. For Joey, it wasn’t. That moment made Joey realize that it wasn’t just that Alice isn’t out to her parents. It’s that Alice is not out to herself, she’s not at peace with being gay.

Alice finally comes out to her parents, who turns out, have known for a long time and were waiting for her to be ready to tell them. Everyone cries, I told you there were a lot of tears this episode.

Josh gets his due and it’s great 

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Angela is sincere when she gives Mariana the drive with all the salary info for the men at Speckulate. She’s not the enemy, she’s just another woman who was promised that the culture at Speckulate was different, only to be disappointed.

Mariana now has all she needs for the pay-gap spreadsheet, but she hesitates when it comes to releasing the salary info. She realizes that the spreadsheet could jeopardize her new app. Evan is all in for the app, and Mariana wonders if there’s another way now that she has Evan’s ear.

In the end, Mariana decides the risk is worth because this is bigger than her career. She gathers the fight club together and they decide to release the pay-gap information publicly. It’s immediately a PR disaster for Speckulate. Josh and Angela gather all the employees together to find who leaked the salaries.

When the meeting is not going his way, Josh tries to make Angela take the fall. Mariana won’t stand for that, so she says she hacked into HR and stole the data. And then, every woman in the fight club (plus Raj) stands up and says the same thing. Also, a bunch of women admit Josh tries to kiss them. He’s such a creep.

The whole thing comes to a satisfying end when Josh ends up fired and Evan reveals he didn’t know about the pay disparity. Mariana and Evan talk, she confesses she really did release the salary information and thinks she should leave Speckulate. Evan doesn’t want to see her go, but if she does, he makes sure she understand that her Activism app idea belongs to him now (always carefully read your contract).

Love in The Coterie…

  • Mariana kisses Raj! Maraj rises! I am so excited!
  • Callie hasn’t made a choice between Jamie and Gael, so the love triangle is still strong as we head into season 2. I am unashamedly #TeamJamie

Thankfully season 2 comes back in June, so we won’t have to wait too long to find out what happens next!

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