6 questions we have after watching “The OA Part II”

Netflix, please give us Part III!

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched The OA Part II on Netflix.

The OA Part II finally dropped on Netflix last month, on March 22nd, 2019. The new season exceeds the expectations set by the first, and goes to strange new places. OA connects with a telepathic octopus, Old Knight, there’s sentient trees, and an ominous old house keeps drawing kids there. While it answers a lot of the questions we had after season one, Part II brings up plenty of new ones to keep us thinking until Part III (not yet confirmed by Netflix).

#1 Will OA have her memories in the new dimension?

During this season, Hap continues his experiments and discovers that with the five from season one, OA, Homer, Rachel, Scott, and Renata, each of their NDEs takes place in another universe. The new universe that they’re in is the world from Homer’s NDE. When Hap gets a look at Scott’s NDE world, he discovers a universe where OA loves him.

At the end of season two, he tells her, “I’m gonna take us there, where you don’t hate me, where everyone calls you OA, but you yourself don’t.” It doesn’t make any sense to us or OA until we see into it at the end. OA tells Hap that she’d never forget herself, and he answers, “Oh, you’ll remember. You just won’t believe.”

Image: Netflix

Knowing she can’t stop Hap, OA accepts what’s going to happen. When Homer’s there, she tells him they’re going to another universe, and if she forgets them all, he needs to find her and bring her back to herself. At the end of the season, we see that the new universe is one in which they are all filming the show The OA. It’s next level meta.

After falling during a stunt, OA is knocked out, so as of right now, we have no clue what she remembers or believes. If she doesn’t remember, hopefully it won’t take OA as long as it took Homer to come back to himself.

#2 Did everyone travel to the new dimension successfully?

In our glimpse of the new universe, we’ve seen OA, Hap, and Steve. But what about everyone else? Did Buck, BBA, French, and Angie all make it? And if so, where are they? What about Homer? We need to know where they all are and if they’re safe.

In this season there was also the whole Michelle thing, and how Karim pulled Buck (from the third universe) through the rose window portal. So does that mean Buck isn’t in the new universe?

Also, how was Steve able to find them so quickly?

#3 Will we see more of Karim or Rahim?

Both Elias Rahim (Riz Ahmed) and Karim Washington (Kingsley Ben-Adir) have served as protectors for OA, there to help her on her journey. Rahim seems to have an otherworldly connection to her, shown in the only scene he’s in this season. He helps guide BBA and the others in the right direction, and says, “I’ve been sent to help her. She’s gonna need it.” That’s certainly ominous, and does hint at him being involved in the future.

Image: Netflix

Karim might be a little different, but he clearly has some sort of connection with OA as well, and he’s very involved with the spiritual mystery of this season. In Part II, he’s the only one to successfully navigate the house and open the rose window into the other universe. Both characters are really interesting, and though it seems like they stayed in their respective universes at the end of this season, who knows with this show.

#4 Who is OA’s brother?

The brother reveal happens when OA visits Old Knight. He has to kill her to show her something, and she asks if she’ll survive. Old Knight says it’s up to her brother. When OA responses she doesn’t have one, Old Knight says, “In every dimension, she sent him to protect you.”

After he says that, she looks up to where Karim is watching. That definitely hints that it is probably him, at least in this dimension. As for the first dimension, the most obvious protector of OA seems to be Rahim, given he said he’s been sent there for her.

Image: Netflix

But a lot of people suspect that it’s Steve (Patrick Gibson). Does he have to travel across dimensions to protect her? Is that why he has such an intense need in this season to reunite with her? This theory certainly matches up with the last scene where, in the new dimension, Steve finds OA in the ambulance with Hap, intent on staying with her and protecting her from him.

Who do you think her brother is?

#5 How important is Hap to OA and everything?

This season introduced a new traveler, Elodie (Irène Jacob), who is able to change dimensions with technology. She finds Hap and teaches him about how to travel without five people and the movements.

Elodie also understands the need for balance, so she finds OA and gives her essential information as well. She tells OA that her and Hap are deeply connected across many dimensions, so she can’t escape him and be the same person. Essentially, they need each other to survive.

She connects Homer to them both as well, saying “You, Hap, and Homer, you belong within the same constellation.” Obviously, OA wants nothing to do with Hap, but maybe there’s something more to their connection, and its importance to the grand scheme of things. Also, how did Elodie know so much about OA and the others?

#6 Are there a lot of other travelers? And how did they learn?

Image: Netflix

Elodie’s the first traveler besides the main group that we’ve meet, but we’re sure there’s more. Will we see them soon? Is there a dimensional traveling school? Because I’d love to enroll.

Bonus: When are we getting Part III?

Netflix please give us Part III! We need to know what happens next for our favorite dimensional travelers.

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The OA Part II is now streaming on Netflix!

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