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Times when ‘Friends’ was way TOO relatable

When I hit 20, and I graduated from college last June, I found myself relating to Friends way TOO much. However, I am still looking for my own Central Perk to spend my days like the friends. I think at some point when we watch the show, we can’t help but relate to something from it.

Here are some of the most relatable moments from the series — whatever your age may be!

You’re a Chandler


While watching the show, you’ll realize how relatable everything Chandler does. Like him using sarcasm and jokes as a defense mechanism. I’m not going to lie to you all: I use sarcasm like it’s going out of style. Literally, there is a trait that you can feel yourself relating to Chandler with. His awkwardness, nobody knowing what your job is, having your mail addressed to Ms. Chanadler Bong, etc.

Just like Chandler, you’ll probably go on a few bad dates — you might keep going back to your Janice until you find your Monica. However, what we all have in common with Chandler is that while he is ridiculous, his friends are okay with that, and he embraces it. Sometimes I don’t understand how my friends deal with me because I AM Chandler Bing, but they do just as his friends do.


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There might come a time in your life when you need closure and tell your ex that you’re “happy for you and your cattttt.” Just like Rachel, we all, at some point in our life, beg for closure. Because as an adult, sometimes you have to set people you care about free to be a bad a** queen or king.

Each friend had to, at least once, find closure after setting someone free. And that’ll happen in your life. Whether it be a friend or significant other, you’ll have to search for that closure. And sometimes, but only sometimes, you’ll have to wish them and their new cat ado and move on. Maybe handle it better than Rachel…? But, hey, you do you to get that closure.

Pizza is a staple


I always thought Joey ate way too much pizza than what was necessary…and healthy. I have since changed my tune — thanks, college, for my pizza diet. After college, pizza will continue to become a staple in your diet. Maybe not to the extent that Joey eats pizza but pretty close to that. Just make sure to schedule a workout at some point, or just pull a Joey and tell your health-nut people in your life that you’re “curvy and you like it.”

Soon, you’ll find yourself at the grocery store on a Friday night with every intention to make yourself something semi-healthy. Then you think, I worked all week, and I deserve some greasy pizza, dangit! So, you head to the frozen aisle or you dial up your favorite place for a pizza. It’s also a great option when you come home from work and all you want to do is sleep, so you pop a pizza in the oven. No need to even try. Eat those carbs, friends.

You’ll probably go through a rough patch


Whether it be friends, relationship or jobs, the chances of hitting that wall is entirely normal. We saw throughout the series all the ups and downs the friends went through in their personal and professional lives. Life isn’t going to always be perfect; sometimes all you’ll want to do is wear a wedding gown while drinking beer on the couch with your girls when your boyfriend dumps you.

Rachel lost her job at Ralph Lauren; Ross got divorced three times; Chandler struggled with being “hopeless and desperate for love.” Their life was never perfect, and it’s not supposed to be. Sometimes you just don’t have a “pla,” as Phoebe would say.

On the other hand, the friends also had various triumphs through the series, and you will too! You’ll find that perfect person; you’ll find the right job; you’ll connect with an old friend; you’ll feel like the queen or king of the universe. Eventually, Monica found her dream chef job; Phoebe found someone who loved her weirdness (PAUL RUDD); Joey, well, Joey continued to just be himself.  They taught us through the screen not to sweat the small stuff and to weather the storm. Because that storm will come, and it will eventually pass. I believe in you!

Evenly split checks are a scam


Nothing was more relatable than when Ross, Monica and Chandler wanted to evenly split the check and the other three friends quickly put a stop to that. I mean, it was totally unfair when Rachel ordered a tiny salad and Ross ordered, like, a steak. If you pay $100 for a glass of wine, you’re paying for that glass of wine. We’re not going splitsy.

If your friends say that they want to split the check evenly, walk out that door. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Unless you’re with a family member than splitsy away! Separate checks, always.

Live, breathe and love coffee


Whoever told you eight hours of sleep is enough is a LIAR. The friends drank a copious amount of coffee, and I always thought “how cray.” Lol, I was so young and naive. You’ll find yourself hitting up that coffee shop with your friends at all hours of the day, or you’ll be forever grateful for that Keurig machine in your office. My friends and I are notorious for going to the coffee shops at every hour — day or night. You’ll need that pump of caffeine and sugar to adult.

There are times where one cup isn’t enough. One cup is NEVER enough. Honestly, as an adult, you cannot live without some kind of caffeine. If you do, tell me your secrets please and thanks. Load up on that sugar, friends.

I could go on about all the relatable things from this show, but I’ll spare you a documentary-length post. There were so many noteworthy moments throughout the show. What do you relate to the most from Friends? Sound off below or tweet us!

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