‘The Umbrella Academy’ recap: Episode 1×09, “Changes”

The fallout after the siblings find out about Vanya's powers, and what she did.

“What I need is my family.”

Vanya uses her powers to defeat some evil

After what she did to Allison, Vanya has deep regrets, and she just wants to see her family and explain. Leonard thinks he can continue controlling and influencing Vanya, but she’s learned to see through his lies.

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When he finally pushes her too far, she gets angry. With her powers, she kills him, viciously. To be honest, good riddance.

Ben makes contact

Instead of dealing with his emotions, Klaus goes looking for drugs. Ben, his constant companion, is sick of his self-destructive behavior, and tries to punch him. Miraculously, it works.

Allison survives, but loses her voice

Pogo and Grace work together to save Allison, but for right now, she has no voice. Luther, always at her side, gets a notepad for her to write on. Using that, she tells them that Vanya has powers.

Hazel v. Cha-Cha, guest starring Agnes and The Handler

The fight continues with the two former partners. Hazel diverts to the Academy to talk to Number Five, volunteering to help stop the end of the world.

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Cha-Cha manages to find the motel where Agnes is and set a trap for Hazel. While she’s tied in a chair close to falling into a filled tub, Hazel and Cha-Cha start intensely fighting. Just as Cha-Cha pushes Agnes over, time freezes, and The Handler appears.

Stop listening to Luther

Vanya finally comes home to the Academy to ask her siblings for help. Luther takes advantage of her vulnerability and knocks her out, locking her in the same cage their father put her in as a kid. All the other siblings protest this, especially Allison, but somehow Luther manages to convince them to leave her there for now.

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He’s never been right before, why do they think he’d be right now? After being trapped and alone again, Vanya’s powers come out, so we know there’ll be chaos in the finale.

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