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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×17 “All About Eve”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 17, “All About Eve” Aired March 31, 2019.

A couple of trinities exist in the Arrowverse. The most famous one is Green Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash. Trio number two consists of Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, and John Diggle. I now introduce to you the third Lena Luthor, Alex Danvers, and Supergirl!

We see our newest trinity come together. The three work with mutual respect and trust. What brings about this powerful alliance?

All About Eve

The CW

“What brings down a regime? The weakest link.”

Supergirl and her team must find the weakest link of Lex’s regime. Only then will they bring him down. Who is the weakest link? Leave it to Lena Luthor to find out. Lena pays a visit to her Mother in prison. She sits down to discuss with her, current events.

  1. Mrs. Luthor knew about Lex’s plan.
  2. Lillian tells Lena if Alex and Supergirl ever found out about how she helped Lex, they would never forgive her.
  3. Evil Mom lets it slip she does not like Eve, because she is in love with Lex and it is pathetic.

Thanks to Mommy dearest, Lena knows that Eve is in love therefore she can break her. Lillian, however, got into Lena’s head and she isn’t sure if she should tell the others. Either way she must find Eve.

Alex’s Understanding


At the beginning of the episode Alex finds Lena bound and knocked out. Yes Alex finding Lena was super adorable. She sees a letter from Lex on Lena’s desk, which basically says that she was kidnapped and he is sorry. Director Danvers with great concern takes Lena to the hospital.

I know AgentCorp is rising in the fandom. Whether anything will come of this, who knows? One thing is for sure, Alex and Lena have great chemistry. Alex checks on Lena throughout this episode. They both learn about Eve’s betrayal and agree to track her down.

The two decide to loop Supergirl in.

I’m Sorry

Supergirl arrives and they all lay out what they know. Lena realizes in order for them to do this together she must take a leap and confide in them, the part she played.

  • Lena reveals how Lex got better.
  • Supergirl is infuriated that Lena used Harenell.
  • Alex defends Lena and explains to Supergirl why humans deserve to be protected.

Shockingly, Supergirl apologizes to them both. She agrees she can be shortsighted sometimes. Lena realized her Mother was wrong and that they care about each other. They all agree before they proceed to let bygones be. It’s time for a fresh start! Of course all of this will go up in flames once they figure out who Supergirl really is. 

Good or Bad?


Alex, Lena, and Supergirl track down Eve’s relative. The woman is either her cousin or Aunt, it really doesn’t matter. She is a Mother with two children. She had cancer and Eve used the Harenell to heal her. Now she has powers.

Eve’s cousin refuses to give up her whereabouts. She states that they have it wrong, that Eve is a good person. Supergirl tells her that maybe that is true. Eve is in love with Lex and that puts her in danger. If her cousin cares about her, she will tell them where to find her.

Where is good ole Eve? She is with fake Supergirl. What are they doing?

Frame Supergirl

The CW

Eve and the Red Daughter have put a plan in motion. The Red Daughter attacks the White House dressed as Supergirl. Where is the real Supergirl? She tracks down who she thinks is Eve. Really Eve projected a hologram of herself in a vehicle.

A kryptonite lined suit attaches to Kara and pins her against the wall. Kara is forced to watch fake Superigrl destroy the White House from a distance. After 4 years of protecting the country she watches as all her hard work goes up in flames.

By the time she finally breaks free of the suit the damage is done. The whole world thinks she attacked her country. The President declares martial law to track down Supergirl. Will anyone believe the real Supergirl? Hell yes they will! Alex and Lena call her. They believe her and they want to help her fix it.

Our new trinity is ready for action. Are you?

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