‘Doom Patrol’ 1×07 review: “Therapy Patrol”

The Misfits Anonymous meeting is now in session.

Doom Patrol 1×07, Season 1, Episode 7, “Therapy Patrol” aired March 29th, 2019 

Warning: full spoilers will follow

A simple team meeting over a course of a single morning was an eventful one on Doom Patrol. After learning what Mr. Nobody did to the previous Doom Patrol, the gang are forced to face their traumas together in this rather awesome bottle episode.


Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 07 - 04

Before the big meeting, each character starts their day in their unique way. Rita’s acting exercises came in handy when she pulls herself together and after hearing a fracas outside between Vic and Cliff causes her to sink down the furnace and watching Bowlby struggle was hilarious. Larry takes over when he wakes up and he takes off the bandages to talk to his spirit self and he’s forced to relive his secret affair with John again and again.

There’s a sense of familiarity breeding contempt as I felt the show covered everything we need to know about Larry’s past. Thankfully, Rita’s flashback did reveal that when she was a kid, a chance encounter with an idol of hers revealed that Rita Farr is a stage name (Hmmmm?). A fight outside disrupts the day…


Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 07 - 11
At war with herself (DC Universe)

Meanwhile, Jane was struggling to come to grips with her loss of faith in the Chief and how this rather unique lady lives with 64 warring personalities. She lashes out a lot during her segment with her destroying the taped therapy sessions she had with the Chief and her other personas regret of destroying said tapes. Guerrero shows excellent range as she’s at war with herself.


Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 07 - 08
(DC Universe)

Cyborg, the glue that’s holding this fragile team together, is experiencing complete autonomy over his programming. Unlike the rest of the gang, he’s the most public hero and but being a young man still comes with first-world concerns. It was hilarious watching him taking a stab at online dating. This episode went a long way to making Cyborg even more relatable and slightly better off than the rest of the gang who’s been dealt a sh*tty hand.


Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 07 - 12
(DC Universe)

The best is saved for last as a still-reeling Cliff, all of a sudden suffers a psychotic break, and he attacks Cyborg as he begins to hallucinate that he’s seeing Clara’s adoptive father. “Therapy!, Therapy!, Therapy!” Cliff yells. Finally, the episode gets down to business as the gang finally starts to connect, when it came to Jane’s turn to have the floor, it all went to hell, Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan complement each other beautifully with their tandem performance conveying a lot of emotion with an expressionless body.

Sadly, the therapy session was all for nothing as a painting that one of Jane’s alters reveals that they will suffer the same fate as the previous DP team and Cliff’s well-intentioned therapy session just drives the gang even further apart.

Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 07 - 06
Shutdown (DC Universe)

The ending reveals that during a trip to Cloverton, a talking rat was the reason behind Cliff’s psychotic breakdown and he’s no closer to finding his daughter than before. Doom Patrol’s adeptness blending comedy, pathos and misery together is terrific. Granted, the story didn’t get any forward momentum and at this point, Who cares?. More, please!

Various musings:

  • There’s a big Teen Titans shout-out during Cyborg’s segment (“BOO-YAH” count is so funny!)
  • The strength of all the characters is enough to carry through an episode light on plot.
  • Larry’s burns are nasty
  • “I can only tolerate 1/64th of you” Cliff says to Jane (WHOA!)

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