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‘The 100’ Season 6 Premiere: Spoiler free review

The brave new world is here!

Spoiler free review of The 100 Season 6 Premiere, Season 6, Episode 1, airing April 30th on The CW

It feels like it’s been 100 years since we last saw our (former) teen delinquents fighting for their lives as they escaped a world on fire. In the Season 5 finale, it was revealed that the crew had been asleep for much longer than planned and that they were about to drop down to a brand new planet (thanks to Monty and Harper’s sacrifice). This episode picks up shortly after that. Here is our spoiler free review!

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We’re back bitches!

In so many ways this feels like The 100 we know, but there is so much that has changed in this episode and Book 2. The dynamic of the team that is at the forefront of this episode feels familiar, but instead of Clarke being the leader, she is treated more like the Murphy. It’s understandable that there will be some housekeeping that needs to be done to address the previous season’s dramas, but it was our least favorite thing about this episode.

Creepy crawly

This episode had a threat that we haven’t really encountered (in more ways than one) and we weren’t expecting it. The “problem” might take you by surprise.

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For a relatively peaceful episode, there was a lot of blood in The 100 Season 6 premiere. There is some other stuff too, but we won’t get into that.

Trust and amends

There is a lot of apologizing and fighting in this episode – there are also some alliances that didn’t die in the bunker and some that did. This episode made us realize that we really want to see some of these formerly strong bonds get back to normal, because it’s hard for us to enjoy the new dynamics when the old dramas just won’t die. And a character we were normally all about has let us down BIG time. We hope it’s just a fluke.

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There’s a lot of coupling up in this episode. We love that (for the most part). There is also more singing to your significant other than we’d expect, so there’s that.

Bellamy and Clarke

The partnership that this show was built around is finally feeling alive again. They have a much overdue conversation and it leaves us longing for the old days. It was definitely a bright spot of this very intense episode.

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Overall, it was a good episode! They are (understandably) forced to deal with some of the fallout of Season 5 which was a little draining, but it’s still a very enjoyable episode. They are the aliens now and it’s super interesting to see how they try to approach things differently this time around. Even though the drama came with them, this does feel like the fresh start that so many of them needed. You should FOR SURE tune in!

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