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‘Arrow’ 7×17 discussion: “Inheritance”

Forgiveness. It's more than sayin' sorry.

Arrow 7×17, Season 7 Episode 17 “Inheritance” aired March 25, 2019

This episode brought up a couple of interesting topics to discuss. Particularly, the season’s theme of redemption. Who will earn it? How is it earned? I don’t really have all the answers but it’s still interesting to think about.

Emiko and Laurel

With Emiko’s past coming to light, and her alliance with Dante and the Ninth Circle it may be safe to call Emiko the season 7 big bad. Or maybe not, maybe she’ll be redeemed.

But the same can be said for Laurel. Everyone’s walking around like she’s redeemed, while she scoffs at anyone who tells her otherwise. However, it looks like Black Siren isn’t done with screaming in someones ear until their brain turns to mush just yet.

I think this Laurel storyline can 1 of 2 ways.

  1. Felicity pulls her back from her wicked ways
  2. She goes full blown Black Siren and is sent back to earth 2

And I also think that both Emiko and Laurel cannot be redeemed at the same time. One will be “evil” while one will be “good.” Or I can be full it, but that’s just what I think (or both of them will be “evil” and can be a great ship… just a thought).

I also have to point out that Black Siren has Felicity on her side which leans her more towards the land of goodness. Hey, our girl brings out the best in everyone, it’s her superpower.


The team is back vigilante-ing! And I’m a happy camper. But, I have a few thoughts on the state of OTA/Team Arrow.

I am someone who has never been bothered by having non-OTA members on the team. I think you can have quality OTA moments with other people in the bunker/lair and it doesn’t detract from that core bond. The show achieved that balance well with Sara, Roy, Thea, and Laurel.

And we can all agree they blundered with the additions of Curtis, Dinah, and Rene. But it’s nice to see the show course correcting. Yes, there will always be other members of Team Arrow, but there is only one OTA.

Smoak Tech

Smoak Tech has risen. I’ve always wanted this for Felicity because this is what she has wanted for herself. And watching her achieve it has been great, and beyond rewarding.

“You can be pregnant, and be CEO of a company, and a deputized vigilante by night. Women really can have it all.” -Felicity Smoak

Arrow is all new April 15th on The CW!



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