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‘The Magicians’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 4×10 “All That Hard, Glossy Armor”

The Magicians, Ep 4×10, “All That Hard, Glossy Armor” aired on March 27, 2019

Welcome back, Fillorians! Just in case you weren’t sure, our merry band of magicians can SANG. What an episode. Many shows have tried their hand at musical episodes and some of worked. Others have just been hella awkward. We got a taste in seasons’ past, but the show managed to kill it on all levels. The music flowed with the narrative, song picks were amazing, and the choreography/costumes were on point. Let’s do this again!

Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort break down this week’s new episode, “All That Hard, Glossy Armor”. Alice and Kady have teamed up to discover the truth about what the Library has been doing to magic. Julia, Quentin, and Penny have been on their own quest to keep Darth Eliot from discovering the truth about his long, dead sister. Margo is on one helluva, psychedelic journey to save her best friend and be the badass we all can’t get enough of.  There’s much more to Margo than her badass, glossy exterior. We know that girl and we get so much more of this amazing character in this epic outing. This show is amazing and it’s all the better when you can see the actors having a ball with the work they’re being given. Keep it up, y’all! What did you guys think of Ep 4×10, “All That Hard, Glossy Armor”? How cool was it seeing different facets of Margo’s subconscious embodied by one of her friends?

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Brad & Cort Talk ‘The Magicians’ Ep 4×10, “All That Hard, Glossy Armor”

The Magicians
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