‘Good Trouble’ 1×12 recap: “Broken Arted”

Come for the art, stay for the drama!

Good Trouble episode 1×12 “Broken Arted” aired March 26, 2019 

We’re gearing up for the season finale next week, which means this episode raises the stakes for all the storylines, nothing really gets resolved, ends on a potentially devastating cliffhanger. Let’s break it down.


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Everyone comes together for Gael’s much anticipated art show. Before the big day, Gael is nervous about the last piece he has chosen. Bryan and Jazmin offer him encouraging words, but Gael knows the piece is not good enough.

The night before the show, Gael asks Callie to come over and they stay up all night working on a new piece. I’m no art critic, but the piece actually turns out great. Gael admits to Callie that he hasn’t felt inspired in months and basically calls her his muse. Callie is definitely okay with that. The piece is well received at the art show, and is bought by an anonymous buyer.

Neither Callie nor Gael mention their late night collaboration to their significant others. A clear sign that the feelings and connections between these two are as strong as ever. Due to the blue hands they both have from working on the piece, Bryan figures out what happened.

When he confronts Gael, Gael tells him they never should have become exclusive. Bryan accuses him of being “shut off from the start” and that as long as he approaches relationships this way, he won’t be able to make it work with anyone.

Jamie, the last piece of our love quadrangle, although with Bryan out of the picture, it might just  be a love triangle now, remains in the dark about Callie and Gael. That anonymous buyer who bought Gael’s piece? Yeah, that turns out to be Jamie, something tells me he’s going suffer from buyer’s remorse.


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A lot of the Speckulate team, including Evan, show up for Gael’s art show because as I constantly forget, he actually works there!

Raj is there on Mariana’s invitation. Mariana is worried because rumors of her spreadsheet have reached Angela. As the only one identified as Latinx on the list, she knows that if the list gets out, she’s done for. Raj promises that he’ll go down with her.

Mariana and Evan hang out a bit, she’s surprised he showed up and he confides that he’s trying to be more social and deal with his social anxiety. When they get around to talking about her upcoming pitch, Mariana admits that she had to scrap the first idea and is now working on a new one, but doesn’t think he’ll like it.

Evan responds by asking Mariana to pitch the app to him right there and there. Mariana sees this for opportunity it is and goes for it. She pitches Activism, an app to help activists like Malika through all the necessary steps to organize events such as Jamal’s protest. Evan immediately loves it.

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What should be a triumph for Mariana doesn’t last very long. When she tells Raj about her successful pitch, he voices concerns about Evan’s intentions towards Mariana. He immediately tries to backtrack and apologize, but it’s too late.

Angela and Josh, who are also at the art show, also think that Evan’s interest in Mariana isn’t just professional and allude to some sort of prior incident involving Evan. I really hope that everyone is reading the situation wrong. I’ve deeply enjoyed every interaction between Mariana and Evan, and while it is true that he does act differently about Mariana, I haven’t read anything duplicitous in his interest in her.

Back at the office, Angela reveals herself as an unlikely ally to Mariana’s fight club. She knows about the spreadsheet, but instead of ratting Mariana out, Angela gives her a thumb drive with the salaries of all the men who work at Speckulate.


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Sumi’s wedding is only a week away, there’s just one tiny little hiccup. Sumi is still in love with Alice. She makes it clear to Alice that Alice, not Meera is her soulmate. Meera is completely unaware about Sumi’s change of heart. While Joey is perceptive enough to realize that the wedding is very close to not happening.


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I didn’t mean to leave this for last, but it’s the one storyline I’m still processing and have no idea what awaits in the finale. We’ve known that Dennis carries deep heartbreak and sadness within him, but he’s kept this from everyone at the Coterie.  For most of the episode, we just get the usual Davia and Jeff beats.

Davia’s back to dating married Jeff and considering moving back to Wisconsin to be with him, but only if he actually leaves his wife.  Dennis meets up with his friend who backs out of the tiny houses project with Jesus. While Dennis is asking him to reconsider, his wife shows up, demanding an explanation for his change of heart about their money.

Then, the final scene of the episode changes everything. Jen, Dennis’s ex-wife shows up at the Coterie and runs into Davia. We learn that the last time they saw each other she called him a shitty dad and husband. Dennis has left her voicemail wishing her well and admitting he wished he’d died instead of their son.

With this information, Davia looks back at Dennis’s interactions with everyone at the art show and realizes that he was saying good-bye to all of them. A desperate Davia calls him, hoping that she’s not too late.

Elsewhere in The Coterie…

  • Malika’s busy planning the protest Jamal Thompson. Permits, signs, publicity…she’s on top of all of it. Then on the eve of the protest, she gets a phone call from her brother who she hadn’t been able to reach since their last fight.
  • Jazmin is torn between accepting a settlement from the catering company or going to trial. She decides to take the settlement because she needs the money. It’s a crappy situation. Jazmin needs the money because she struggles to keep a job, but one of the reasons she struggles to keep a job is the discrimination she faces as a transwoman.
  • Jamie’s investigator wasn’t able to find anything incrimination about the dismissal of Tate Wilson’s case. He does have information about the former police chief who was around when Jamal got shot. He was forced into retirement after an I.A. investigation discovered he went around saying it was “easier and cheaper for the department to let victims of police shooting die”. Yeah, not a good look for the LAPD.

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