‘Doom Patrol’ 1×06 review: “Doom Patrol Patrol”

The OGs meet the new-school.

Doom Patrol 1×06, Season 1, Episode 6, “Doom Patrol Patrol” aired March 22, 2019 

Doom Patrol 1×06 answers the question that was posed by Jane “What the f*ck is the Doom Patrol?” The pace takes a much needed breather.

Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 06 - 04
(DC Universe)

Who’s patrolling the Doom Patrol?

Jane, Cliff and Vic discover that the Doom Patrol were an ill-fated superhero team from the ‘50s. “Doom Patrol Patrol” wears its Silver Age roots on its sleeve as it digs into the original team’s roots and Rita’s history with one Steve Dayton, better known as the telepathic Mento (Will Kemp).

Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 06 - 07
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The show’s trademark sense of humor is put on the back-burner this week as the pathos gets cranked up a little as it emphasizes on Rita’s reluctant evolution from apathetic, jaded celebrity to a bonafide hero. April Bowlby delivers the goods as she showcases Rita’s vulnerability buried beneath her calm, meticulously-put-together disposition. Her meeting with a producer went south as he persuaded her to sleep with him. Luckily, Rita’s one-woman homage to The Blob turned the tables on him and he suffocated to death.

Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 06 - 08
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It was certainly cool to see the gang of misfits learn more about the OG Doom Patrol and The Chief’s history with them. At first glance, it appears that they’re running a school for super-powered children but the gang discover that it’s all an illusion as Mento’s extensive telepathic abilities are masking their reality as the original team are disbanded, old and mentally ill because of Mr.Nobody.

Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 06 - 01
Does father always know best? (DC Universe)

Despite sitting out again, the specter of Mr. Nobody is hanging over this week’s gloomier-than-usual episode. There were brief moments of respite as The Animal Vegetable Mineral Man has a very amusing side-story and Cliff is cussing up a storm (“f*cknuckle”). Meanwhile, Cyborg gets something to do with scenes with his dad after losing the sonic cannon during the attack on Doom Manor.

Compared to previous outings, Doom Patrol fell a little short this time around as it didn’t rely on its bizarre sense of humor as the pendulum swung a little towards pathos. It does succeed in pushing Rita forward and getting across how much of a threat that Mr. Nobody poses to the oddball gang of misfits.

Various musings:

  • The red and white uniforms are in full force to tip the hat to the Silver Age
  • Robotman and Cyborg need to do more scenes together
  • Baby Doll needs to be protected at all costs!
  • The X-Men parallels are everywhere during the scene where Jane meets Celsius in front of a school for gifted youngsters.

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Doom Patrol is streaming on DC Universe every Friday. 


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