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‘Legacies’ finale: Let’s break down all of those crazy cliffhangers

Literally the big bad we’ve all been waiting for is upon us.

Oh yes, the Legacies finale delivered. While our hearts are breaking at Hope Mikaelson’s sacrifice, we have even more to be worried about, because the biggest bad of them all may finally make his appearance in the show’s sophomore season. Yep, “it” is a he, and his name is Kai Parker.

Let’s break it down.

Josie found the ascendant (read: the key to Kai Parker).

Here’s the full 411 on the Gemini Coven and The Merge, but I’ll give you the skinny on the ascendant. Below is taken from Fandom’s Vampire Diaries Wiki:

Ascendants are mystical relics which were previously owned by the Parker Family. An Ascendant can be used to harness the power of a celestial event to create a portal to a different dimension and allow a person to travel through it. The Gemini Coven in particular used the relics to create prison worlds in order to trap former and current members who had broken their laws away from innocent humans. An Ascendant was first seen in Black Hole Sun when Bonnie Bennett used a locator spell to find the Ascendant to the 1994 Prison World, only to find that Malachai [Kai] Parker had it all along.

There are three known Ascendants to have existed and three replicas in their respective Prison Worlds: one that could access the 1994 Prison World, one that could access the 1903 Prison World, and a new one that can access the 2018 Prison World. Each replica within the three aforementioned prison worlds are meant to be used to return to the living world. It was presumed that there are no longer any Ascendants in existence, as the ones (1903 & 1994) in the living world were destroyed with magic and their copies destroyed in the prison world upon the death of the Gemini Coven’s leader, Kai, in I’m Thinking Of You All The While. However during the events in It’s Been a Hell of a Ride, Bonnie aided Josie and Lizzie in creation of another one, which they used to imprison Kai once again.

That last sentence is SUPER important: “However during the events in [The Vampire Diaries] ‘It’s Been a Hell of a Ride’, Bonnie aided Josie and Lizzie in creation of another one, which they used to imprison Kai once again.”

Josie and Lizzie recognize the object in the Legacies finale, because they made it with Bonnie Bennet when they were little kids. If you’re down for a good throwback TVD clip (like, one of my favorite TVD moments ever), here’s the scene in The Vampire Diaries 8×14 where Bonnie reveals to Kai that she, Lizzie, and Josie created the prison world Kai is now stuck in—with Spin Doctors “Two Princes” playing on repeat. Brilliant.

How would Lizzie and Josie unleash Kai Parker?

The ascendant can be activated by “harness[ing] the power of a celestial event to create a portal to a different dimension and allow a person to travel through it.” The girls could innocently be trying to use the object to find a loophole for The Merge, unwillingly giving Kai the chance to hop through dimensions and take revenge. Meep. And, there’s probably only one person that can stop him—Hope Mikaelson.

Hope was created to destroy Malivore. Nature always has a loophole.

Firstly, hats off to the writers for that lovely little full-circle for Hope. Well, not so lovely… since Hope is now stuck in a pit of doom! Or, dead?! We know that she can’t actually be dead, but how will we get her back? Again, nature always has as loophole for loopholes, and Hope’s done too much good in the world for the universe to just let her disintegrate into Malivore.

Here’s a theory: Clarke mentioned that Landon was created to be the perfect “meat suit” for his father, which is probably why he’s a Phoenix (virtually indestructible, with the whole coming-back-to-life thing). So, maybe in Landon’s quest to learn more about his existence and powers, he somehow resurrects Malivore, who then uses his body as a “host”, like Clarke mentioned. In theory, this could also possibly bring Hope back (memories of Hope to our Scooby Gang included.)

Body jumping: Another key piece to season 2

When Alaric shut off the fountain of blood, he briefly mentioned the Travelers, a group of magical people that are/were, ironically, against magic (meaning magic drawn from nature). They were a “mysterious, several millennia old, once powerful, cursed sub-culture of witches who have presumably been transmitting the knowledge of their spells from one generation to another since their emergence around the time of the Roman Empire, in modern Europe.” (Fandom)

There’s a whole mess of mythology around them, but what you need to know is that they are reallllllly good at body jumping. So, this whole “Malivore inhabiting Landon’s body” thing could most definitely be a possibility in season 2.

Aw, poor Raf.

Remember when Hope said to Raf that once he turns into werewolf form, he’s stuck like that until she gets back? Poor Raf! Hopefully, Hope’s memory is restored to the masses soon so Raf can make an early appearance in season 2.

Other Legacies finale notables

  • Kaleb and MG! Ugh, the feels, guys. I freaking love these two.
  • Sister-bonding between Lizzie and Josie: Bravo for making sisterhood the center of the finale vs a continued rivalry between the two.
  • PACO!
  • Alaric admitting he was wrong and letting the students decide his fate (obvi, Kaleb and Josie will have him stay at the school as Headmaster… right?)

Let all of this digest and tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh and @Pure_Fandom, and find more Legacies discussions below to theorize with us on until season 2!

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Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST on The CW

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