‘The Umbrella Academy’ recap: Episode 1×08, “I Heard A Rumor”

Oh no...

“We’re going.”


“To save the world.”

“Oh, is that all? Great.”

Allison’s history with her husband and Claire

In this episode we finally see the story behind Allison’s divorce with her husband, and why he doesn’t want her to see Claire. She used her ability on her to take the easy way out of parenting. Her husband saw that manipulation, and that was the end of that.

Clearly, Allison’s come to realize the consequences of her ability, as she’s vowed not to rely on it anymore.

Leonard tells Vanya to embrace her destructive abilities

After leaving the hospital, which Leonard is adamant on getting out of, Vanya realizes that her abilities caused the death of all those men. Of course, Leonard is basically congratulating her, saying it’s totally fine that her abilities are terribly destructive. All part of his master plan.

In a flashback, we see a young Vanya being tested by Hargreeves. Her abilities are destructive and uncontrollable.

The boys continue trying to save the world

Klaus and Pogo explain the truth about Hargreeves to Luther and Five, and how he killed himself to get the family back together. Diego’s friend sneaks him the keys to get out of his jail cell, so he returns home to find Klaus and Five ready to go after Harold Jenkins, but Luther is missing. They find him at a bar, drinking his cares away. But once Diego tells him that Allison went off after Jenkins all by herself, he’s on his feet and out the door.

It’s true love

Last time we say Hazel and Cha-Cha, Hazel decided to leave the killing business to ride off into the sunset with Agnes. Well, they’ve left, but Cha-Cha is right on their tail.

After a kiss goodbye, Hazel says he has to finish the fight with his partner before they can have a good life together.

A fight between Vanya and Allison goes terribly wrong

In order to find exactly where Vanya is, Allison follows the trail left by the incident with her powers. She finds a cop who’s a fan of hers, and asks to follow him around on his investigation, claiming it’s research for a role.

Eventually, she finds the cabin where Vanya is. Leonard’s left her there to force her into facing her powers. Allison tells Vanya about Leonard’s real identity but she doesn’t care, and the truth comes out about their father’s manipulation. When they were kids, he ordered Allison to use her power on Vanya to make her think she was ordinary.

Allison explains how sorry she is and that she didn’t know, but the damage is done. With Vanya’s powers amplifying her anger, and vice versa, she’s a bomb going off. Desperate, Allison tries to use her ability on Vanya, but she slashes her throat to stop her.

Vanya instantly realizes what she’s done, and her first reaction is regret and fear for her sister’s wellbeing. She knows and loves Allison, and despite her intense emotions a moment before, she doesn’t want to leave her there. But Leonard grabs her things and urges her out the door, and they flee.

The brothers arrive soon after and see Allison on the floor. Luther holds her and cries, while the others look on in shock.

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