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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×16 “The House of L”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 16, “The House of L” Aired March 24, 2019.

This week’s episode centered around 4 random characters. Honestly, it was a nice change of pace! What is the point of adding on new characters if you aren’t going to use them? We finally got the origin stories of Otis, Eve, and the Red Daughter and it was fabulous!

Eve Teschmacher


If you have read the comics you knew last week’s reveal before it even happen. Our lovely, bubbly, and intelligent friend Eve Teschmacher is a spy for Lex. In the comics she is his right hand woman. I was waiting to see how long they would take to reveal this. Even though I knew it was coming, I felt betrayed! She and Lena were a great team. How did Eve end up partnered with Lex?

  • Lex had just been sentenced. He was walking out of the courthouse when she called out his name.
  • She visited him in jail.
  • He took her under his wing and she became a spy.

The rest we know. Lex placed her at Cat Co. She became Lena’s partner. Meanwhile, she was helping Lex with the Red Daughter. You have to give it to Tess, she is quite the multi-tasker! My question is, will she remain loyal to Lex? I wonder if push comes to shove, if she could really take Lena out?

The Red Daughter


Like most superhero comics, Kara Danvers has a doppelganger. We saw her earlier in the season, but we didn’t know much about her. That ended this week. We received the full back story about the doppelganger known as the Red Daughter.

  1. Black kryptonite split Kara into two.
  2. The other kryptonian woke up with no memory in Kaznia.
  3. The Kaznians found her and began to test her powers.

The Red Daughter unaware of the extent of her powers heard a boy scream. She came to his rescue. The only problem is she didn’t know her own strength and killed them all. That is when the General of the army that was housing her called Lex in prison.

Where is Alex?

The entire time fake Kara was at the facility she kept asking for one person, Alex. We all know she was searching for her Sister. Lex walked in and claimed he was the Alex she was looking for, so she began to listen to him.

He trained her and mentored her. In order to incorporate her into the world, he brought her to America. That was Lex’s mistake. She met the people in Kara’s life as she pretended to be her. Fake Danvers read Kara’s journal and started to question Lex.

Lex convinced her that America and Supergirl were bad by hatching a plan. Mr. Luthor made it look like America killed the boy she saved. She was infuriated with America after that. You know what the craziest part about all this is? Otis.

Otis Graves

Otis Graves was the most random reveal of the season. Those darn image shields! He and Tess help Lex with all his plans. We know Otis and his sister were his henchmen in the past. The shock was that he was still alive.

He is charged with keeping tabs on the Kaznian Kara. When Lex assigns him to kill the kid, he makes a bold move. Otis does a nice thing! This is unexpected, but he removes the kid from the house and then it blows up.

“Now, the bald man doesn’t want to see you. So if you ever see one, just run away and hide.”

Otis gives the kid this advice. Seeing as how the little boy was featured prominently in this episode he will probably come back at some point. What will this mean for Otis? Is he softening? We will find out!

What did you think of this week’s flashback episode? Isn’t it curious that Arrow recently did a flash forward one and now Supergirl did a flashback?


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