‘Shadowhunters’ 3×15 Theory: There was more to that Izzy and Raphael scene

It wasn't goodbye, it was a proposition.

Shadowhunters 3×15 theory, Season 3 Episode 15 “To the Night Children” aired March 25, 2019

Things are heating up in Shadowhunters 3B (looking at you, Clary) and getting emotional. In Shadowhunters 3×15, “To the Night Children,” Clary was struggling with her connection to her brother, Magnus felt the effects of borrowed magic and everyone was dealing with the fallout of the Jade Wolf massacre.

While all of this was going, we were hit with another emotional gut punch of a scene – Izzy arresting Raphael. These two have a long, complex history and when Heidi outed the situation to Alec, Izzy knew she had to make things right. She went (alone) to arrest her former flame and right her wrongs – or at least that’s what they WANT us to think. This brings us to our Shadowhunters 3×15 theory – what if Izzy recruited Raphael to be her prisoner mole?!

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If we back up a little more, you’ll remember that Izzy has spent the last few episodes investigating the Guard and the Clave. She thinks that they are torturing Downworlders. She even found a chip in that man’s stomach – the one that was going to give her the info she was looking for. It’s a sensitive secret that the Clave is clearly willing to kill to protect.

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS – “To the Night Children”- Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

We also know that Raphael is trying to be a better man. He used and tortured Heidi and now he is working to atone for his sins. The selfless act of helping Izzy’s investigation won’t erase what he has done, but it’s one step closer to the redemption he is fighting for. And with a man on the inside, maybe Izzy can finally uncover the truth about what’s been going on with the prisoners.

Raphael’s story isn’t over – it has just begun! He is Izzy’s mole. If you need more convincing, check out this tweet from showrunner, Todd Slavkin!

If our theory holds true, we can’t wait to see Izzy (and her inside man) bring everyone to justice!

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