‘Shadowhunters’ 3×15 recap: “To the Night Children”

It's pancake day at the Institute and everybody needs a hug!

Shadowhunters 3×15, Season 3 Episode 15 “To the Night Children” aired March 25, 2019

Remember the angst we promised last time? Looks like it has finally caught up with us! Despite it being pancake day at the Institute, it’s one of those “God, I wish I would have stayed in bed” days we’re all familiar with. It’s also Magnus’ first full day at the Institute and let’s just say the sub-standard breakfast fare is the least of his problems. Basically, a lot of stuff happens in this episode and almost none of it is pretty. But for once, there’s a lot of spotlight on the ladies!

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS -“To the Night Children” – Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

A lesson learned the hard way: Actions have consequences

Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike must realize that sometimes, rules are there for a reason. And as fun as it can be to break them, the consequences are anything but. Thus we see…

  • Izzy placing Raphael under arrest for torturing Heidi.
  • Raphael finally facing the consequences for his actions.
  • Luke willingly taking the blame for the Jade Wolf Massacre, considering it just punishment for “deserting the pack.”
  • Magnus’ body rejecting Lorenzo’s infusion of magic. What started with a nosebleed is now continued with interferences and bouts of physical pain whenever he practices magic.
  • Heidi finally getting what she deserves for being a conniving b*tch.
  • Clary struggling with darker impulses, courtesy of the twinning rune.
Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS – “To the Night Children”- Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

Heidi: All bad things come to an end

We are not even a minute into the new episode and already so fed up with Heidi! During a vampire celebration party, the deluded fledgling vampire takes the stage to make a toast “to the Night Children.” We wonder how anyone can bear her self-righteous, megalomaniac speech. Who the hell does she think she is and why does nobody take her down? Thanks the Angel for one Maia Roberts!

Unfortunately, before  she gets what she deserves, Heidi wreaks a lot more havoc. Upon learning that Maia and Jordan escaped, she goes behind everybody’s back again and makes a deal with Alec to identify the vampires responsible for the Jade Wolf massacre in return for complete exoneration. She also blabs to him about Izzy letting Raphael escape after torturing her, thus forcing Alec’s hand.

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS -“To the Night Children” – “Shadowhunters” airs Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

Maia: The big bad wolf has had enough!

Maia can hardly believe her ears when Alec tells her about the deal. She and Simon are determined to expose Heidi as the real culprit and when they find out that Heidi messed with the one person who could help them do that, Maia snaps. She decides to bring Heidi down herself, cleverly injecting herself with holy water.

Taunting Maia with that “big bad wolf” line? Not one of your best ideas, Heidi! The same goes for going for Maia’s jugular. Seeing Heidi writhing in pain before finally turning to dust is the singular most satisfying moment of this episode. Good riddance, Heidi! We won’t miss you much.

Yay: Some Alec and Maia scenes

Granted, we had hoped for these scenes to be more light and playful, but we are still so glad they happened. The potential of great friendship between these two leaders is plain to see!

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS – “To the Night Children”- Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

Another Malec morning scene – Oh, Alec, how you’ve grown!

In what feels strangely similar, but at the same time disturbingly different to the famed morning scene in 3×11, we get a glimpse into Alec’s bedroom at the NY Institute. Waking up there must be such a novel experience for Magnus! By the look on his face, it’s not one he particularly cares for, even though his adorable boyfriend brings him juice and flowers.

Questioned if the Clave didn’t have rules for Downworlders living at the Institute, Alec “the Law is the Law” Lightwood replies: “They are not rules. They are suggestions.” Oh Alec, how you’ve grown! We’re so proud!

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS -“To the Night Children” – Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

Pancake day at the Institute? It’s not what is is made out to be!

We feel you, Magnus: Although breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, taking it in a cafeteria buzzing with Shadowhunters giving you the evil eye is not the most ideal start into your day. Particularly so when you are in a foul mood already because you realize you are not as fine as you pretend to be. It sucks being Magnus Bane these days!

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS -“To the Night Children” – Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

What’s your problem, Underhill?

Underhill has been one of our favorites ever since that little bonding moment with Alec earlier this season. But now, we aren’t so sure about him anymore. First, he gives Magnus a long, reproachful look at breakfast. Then, during an operation briefing, he sasses Alec, muttering “Great, now he wants things done by the book” when Alec reminds his team of protocol.

Dude, what happened? Did you get out of the wrong side of bed? Some time later, Magnus confronts him about his less-than-friendly attitude and Underhill expresses concerns about Magnus’ stay at the Institute, stating there were “protocols against this sort of thing.” So, is Underhill really such a stickler for rules or is there more to it?  In an attempt to lighten up the mood, he shares he’s glad that Magnus and Alec managed to “work everything out.”

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS -“To the Night Children” -Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

Jealous Magnus, delighted Alec

Now it’s Magnus’ turn to be less than happy. Alec “airing out dirty laundry”, to a handsome Shadowhunter at that? How dare he!  Jealous much, Magnus?

The moment when Alec realizes his wise, centuries-old warlock is jealous? It’s pure gold! Alec’s whole face lights up and it is really astonishing how quickly he can go from stern Head of the Institute mode into delighted, boyish Alec mode. A pity this moment is cut short!

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS – “To the Night Children”- Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

Hello, dark Clary! Fancy (and scary!) seeing you here!

What a debut! Jacky Lai as Aline really kicked ass this week – quite literally! Consul Penhallow’s daughter riles Clary up during a sparring match, suggesting that Clary let Jonathan escape deliberately, and Clary loses it. It’s Jace who prevents worse things from happening and who also convinces Aline not to report Clary, insisting that “she only needs a little time to get her head straight” – Well Jace, hopefully you’re right. Because frankly, we are not so sure about this.

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS – “To the Night Children”- Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

Hello again, Jonathan… what a coincidence!

Wile Clary’s out trying to clear her head, she’s joined by Jonathan. In this emotionally dense scene, we can feel the magnetic pull that Jonathan has on her. Unfortunately, it seems that Jonathan knows it too:

“You love me Clary. I can feel it. It’s why you let me go yesterday and why you won’t turn me in now. Come with me. I know a part of you wants to.”

And who could blame her? Dark seducer Jonathan is hard to resist and it’s likely only a matter of time until Clary succumbs to his appeal. Stay strong, Clary!

Best quote

Simon: “Alec? It’s Simon… the Daylighter.”

Alec: “I know who you are.”

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS -“To the Night Children” – Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

Our top five most emotional moments

1. Izzy arresting Raphael

“By the authority of the Clave, I’m placing you under arrest.”

Yes, we know, “the Law is hard but it is the Law”, but still…

2. Clary imploring Luke not to abandon her

“Don’t leave me, Luke. Not now.”

In a time where your world seems to crumble around you, you need your family more than ever. Teary-eyed Clary begs Luke not to abandon her, stating that she needs her dad. Yet Luke’s decision stands. Where does that leave Clary?

3. Alec asking Magnus (again!) to move in together

When Alec realizes that as the Head of the Institute, he has to lead by example and follow protocol, he opts for the only logical thing – and one that he has wanted for quite some time now: Getting his own place with Magnus. This time around, Magnus agrees with moving in together. Another relationship milestone for these two!

4. Jace stating that Clary is “worth everything”.

“Nobody wants to rip Jonathan’s throat out more than me. But I’m not gonna let anyone hurt Clary. […] To me, she’s worth everything.”

Though it’s apparent that Aline and Jace are buddies, he won’t allow her to question the no-kill order on Jonathan, pointing out that Clary’s life is at stake. We love protective Jace and his beautiful declaration of love!

5. Magnus’ breakdown

Clearly, we still haven’t reached the end of the “Making Magnus suffer” plotline…. Seeing him convulsing on the floor, coughing up blood with Alec hovering helplessly above him – God, what a cliffhanger! Hang in tight, everybody!

Shadowhunters To the Night Children
SHADOWHUNTERS – “To the Night Children”- Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)

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