‘The Umbrella Academy’ recap: Episode 1×07, “The Day That Was”

Who is Harold Jenkins?

“You were never just kids. You were meant to save the world.”

Five’s new mission

After his escape from the Commission, Five has information about who they wanted to protect in order to ensure the end of the world: a man named Harold Jenkins. With help from Diego’s police contact, they figure out that he is none other than Vanya’s new boyfriend.

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Breaking into his house, they find basically a shrine of hate to the Umbrella Academy. Jenkins has a history of violence, having murdered his own dad. Knowing that, and that he’s clearly using Vanya to get to them, they start trying to find her.

Luther’s rampage

After finding out about the unopened letters from the moon, Luther goes on a bender. He gets drunk off his father’s liquor, then decides to go out and have some fun like Klaus, doing drugs and going to a rave.

As he’s fighting his own withdrawal symptoms, Klaus goes after him, urged on by Ben. He finds Luther at the rave, and that’s where he gets knocked out.

Hazel & Agnes want to run away together

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Hazel and Agnes are in loovveeee, and Cha-Cha is not happy about it. She starts trying to kill him, like in last episode, but Hazel manages to tie Cha-Cha up. He can’t convince her to let him and Agnes go freely,  and she vows to find and kill them.

Diego is arrested

In order to get help finding this Harold Jenkins, Diego asks an old friend at the police station. Of course, there’s a lot of feelings mixed up there, given Diego’s involvement with Patch and her death. Chuck helps him out then, but later tells the cops where Diego is, getting him arrested.

A visit with dear old dead dad

Klaus sort of dies when he’s at the rave, ending up in what might be Heaven? He’s directed to a cabin, where his father is waiting for him.

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Hargreeves tells Klaus that he always knew about the apocalypse, and he killed himself in order to get the siblings back together.  He starts to say something “of great importance,” but Klaus is pulled back to the waking world before he can finish.

Cabin in the woods

While all this is going on, Leonard takes Vanya out to his family’s cabin in the woods. He wants her to train her powers. Rightfully scared of what she’s capable of, Vanya’s hesitant to really try.

When they go out to eat, Leonard is attacked in the parking lot. Vanya tries to save him, and her emotions burst, along with her powers. She saves Leonard, but all the other men are killed.

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At the hospital after the accident, it’s revealed that Leonard lost an eye in the attack, meaning that he is the one who would’ve owned the eye Five had in the beginning. While all this is happening, Allison is racing to the address of the cabin, desperate to find Vanya and take her far away from Jenkins.

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