‘Riverdale’ 3×16: 7 biggest takeaways from “Big Fun”

So very.

Riverdale 3×16, Season 3, Episode 16, “Chapter Fifty-One: “Big Fun,” Aired Mar 20th, 2019.

Who doesn’t love a good musical episode!? Riverdale is back at it again after a tragic rendition of Carrie, which included the Black Hood and Midge’s death. This time the darkness continues, as they explore the story of Heathers. Couples are torn apart, couples are reunited, couples are endgame, things are being burnt down and most important – the Farm’s cult leader finally makes his appearance.

Not only did all of that drama happen, but we got to see our favorite cast members perform the extraordinary songs from the Heathers musical, including the most popular one from the episodes release, ‘Seventeen’.

Here are the 7 most biggest takeaways from “Big Fun”:

Kevin and Fangs reborn

After Kevin announces that Evelyn will be his co-director during the Heathers school production, Betty is furious about the decision and accuses her of using the performance as “one big recruitment drive” for The Farm. Both Kevin and Fangs take a brownie from Evelyn and have hallucinations of deceased student, Midge. During all of this, Betty witnesses Evelyn cleansing them of their ghosts in a rebirth ceremony whilst singing ‘Our Love is God’.

Hermione and Hiram split

This split that was definitely long time coming, and most certainly not the most devastating of them all – Hermione and Hiram announced their split to Veronica. Hiram found out about the Hermione’s involvement in Gladys now owning his drug business and the fact that she oh, I don’t know… tried to have him killed… twice.

Couples reunite

After finding out about her parents split, Veronica seeks out comfort in Reggie, giving us hope that one of our OTP’s would be back together. However, after sleeping together and Reggie finding out about her parents – he realizes that was the only reason she ran back to him and calls it quits again.

Cheryl and Toni had a pretty brutal break-up and it really shows in this episode. Kevin announces that Toni will be the cast’s choreographer for the Heather’s musical, causing Cheryl to embrace her role as mythic b*tch and Queen B, Heather Chandler. The two perform an extremely intense cover of ‘Candy Store’, including a lot of pushing, shoving and hair whipping. Both girls shined alone, but they are their brightest together.

Toni turns up to school wearing all red, which we all know is a big no-no, being as it is Cheryl’s signature color. Cheryl banishes Toni from the school and after a rather dramatic performance of ‘Dead Girl Walking’ and almost getting in to a little bit of action with Sweetpea and Peaches, Toni visions Cheryl in the theatre performing ‘Beautiful’ and chases after Cheryl to patch things up.

Archie & Josie make their debut as a couple

During a little confession game that Evelyn starts, Sweetpea confesses that he had a summer fling with a girl and he’s pretty bummed out that they’re now over and she’s with another guy, therefore outing Josie and Archie. No one had a clue that the budding romance had been going on, including Veronica – however, the loved up couple are a lot more relaxed now that everything’s out. I must say, their duet in the boxing ring (‘Fight For Me’) was perfect.

Bughead are end-game

The most talked about song of the Heathers musical episode is certainly ‘Seventeen’ and the whole thing proved that Bughead are going nowhere anytime soon, if ever. The two sing about what they could and would do if they were normal seventeen-year-old’s and it was the most beautiful and mesmerizing performance of the whole episode. Can we talk about Cole hitting those high notes for a second? Who knew! Lili and Cole’s voices harmonizing together was a magical moment.

Jughead says good-bye to his childhood

Jughead learns that his childhood trailer home is now being used as a Fizzle Rocks drug den by Gladys, so Betty and Jug take revenge on his mom by setting the trailer on fire, ridding every Fizzle Rock substance that may exist in there. Riverdale teens + fire = the only solution to everything ever.

Edgar Evernever

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived – The Farm’s cult leader, Edgar Evernever, (Chad Michael Murray), made his appearance during the cast’s final Heathers performance. It was a creepy appearance to the say the least, as he slowly started clapping and his cult slowly rose up around him, clapping in the same slow and abnormal rhythm. Edgar is Evelyn’s father, which explains why she is so invested in the Farm and it’s morals. The show just got a whole lot more interesting with Edgar finally in town and I can’t wait to get some answers once and for all!

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