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‘Arrow’ 7×16, “Star City 2040”: This is a love letter addressed to Mia Smoak

Dear Mia,

My happiness was solidified with you. I didn’t know what seeing you was going to feel like. Would it be like a nice summer rain? Or like a pesky itch that could never be satisfyingly scratched? I was overjoyed to see that it was the former.

Of course, I have seen you, before all of this. Calling yourself Blackstar, drinking scotch, and punching your estranged brother. However, in “Star City 2040” I saw you in your element.

Saying things like “this will be fun,” before expertly taking out a room full of goons was a highlight of my love for you. Saving the day with a bow and arrow while encircled in a hooded cloak was just the icing on top.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! We should start at the very beginning. You were born in a cabin in the woods, with your mother and father there to greet you. Their joy was infectious, and I cried along with them when you fit perfectly in Felicity’s arms.

It’s safe to say that my general disposition watching this episode was a mix of sunshine soaked tears to follow with a grumbling need of a pint of mint chip ice cream. So basically, I was A LOT to deal with.

But I can’t help it, Mia! It’s you! You’re Oliver and Felicity all in one bundle. You look like their daughter, you act like their daughter, and we get to see it! You are a rare and marvelous gift.

And only the best gets to be trained by the best. So obviously, Nyssa Al Ghul was up to bat, and she began your training. Something so adorable looked so lethal when you put your fists up to your face after being knocked down.

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When you’re knocked down, Mia, you get back up.

First with Nyssa, then with your mother. At first, your relationship with her seems like any other mother-daughter dynamic. You talk about the neighborhood kids you do not want to date and watch movies.

But alas, your mother is Overwatch and your father is the Green Arrow. But even though these heroes have since been vilified by Star City, they are by definition still heroes. So while raising you, running a multibillion dollar corporation, keeping you safe, checking in on William, she’s also looking over Star City.

And I understand your anger with your mother. No one likes to be lied to (Felicity can relate). And there are unflattering versions of events out there that made you question her.

However, I was surprised and delighted to see that both yourself and Felicity could see each others point of view. Tying a beautiful bow on your conflict, Felicity says she’s proud of you, and you say you understand.

There is still so much to talk about, Mia. But I’m inclined to give you some bullet points:

  • SmoakNHawke is your ship name with Connor. I thought you should know because you guys will get married and have OTA babies.
  • I love how your relationship with William is developing into a genuine love and friendship.
  • Did someone say spinoff?
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No matter how the story unfolds, Mia, I will carry you with me. You’re ingrained in my heart just like Olicity and OTA. You are my child, too. And you got a whole fandom to back you up.


Your very vocal admirers at

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