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‘Legacies’ 1×15 discussion: Do we believe that [SPOILER] is Landon’s dad?

We’re calling bull–—.

Here’s your spoiler-warning, ‘Legacies’ fans! The following post discusses the events in ‘Legacies’ 1×15, “I’ll Tell You a Story”, aired March 21, 2019.

In the episode before the season 1 finale of Legacies, major bombs were dropped. We found out:

  • Who Landon’s real dad is
  • Landon has a brother
  • Why Landon is called to the objects to unlock Malivore
  • Landon is a “perfect” creation

OK, we have LOTS of questions. Let’s discuss.

Let’s start with the biggest bombshell: Landon’s dad is Malivore.

During Landon’s “interrogation”, Clarke (the Triad bad-boy) shares his real motive: He’s turning against Triad, and he wants Landon’s help. But first, Landon needs a history lesson.

Apparently, a long time ago, dragons were a huge pain in the ass, burning towns and taking names. Humans, vampire, witches, and werewolves were all at a loss at how to deal with them. The three supernatural races decided to band together to create a clay-like “monster”, AKA, Malivore, who apparently would not only devour and absorb dragons, but other monsters, too.

This new alliance, which is now known as present-day Triad, wanted to end Malivore, but the humans started to look at him as a god. He was, after all, keeping them safe from monsters. Turning on his makers, Malivore was empowered by the humans to continue to absorb monsters and wipe them from existence—and from memory.

Of course, because the Triad created Malivore, their respective species were immune to his powers. Witches, vampires, and werewolves can’t be “absorbed” or wiped from memory.

According to Clarke, Malivore wanted to evolve, and, like all beings, tried to create. He had several “failed” experiments, Clarke being one of them. Malivore was also running out of monsters to “eat”. The less monsters he absorbed, the weaker he became. Long story short, Clarke, who’s SUPER old/immortal, was pissed at being the odd man out/Nebula of the family (for you MCU/Guardians of the Galaxy fans) and turned against his old man and aligned with the humans to turn Malivore into the pit he is now.

Flash-forward to Seylah being thrown into the pit, and Malivore impregnating her. Then, BLAMMO, Landon, the perfect being/Phoenix was born.

Do we believe Clarke? We’re calling bull—.

Clarke DEFINITELY has another agenda. He’s telling Landon that they need to free their father from his pit-state, because Triad has become corrupt and wants to destroy all supernatural beings—including witches, vampires, and werewolves.

Clarke is totally tugging on Landon’s heartstrings to get him to play his game:

  • He knows Landon will do anything to save his supernatural friends
  • He knows Landon is dying to belong, have a family

I think the lore of Malivore is real, but Clarke isn’t tell the whole story. I’m getting sketchy vibes from this guy. Plus, if Clarke is Malivore’s son, why can’t he “sense” which artifact is real like Landon can? Is it because Landon is “the perfect creation”?

Why is Landon a Phoenix?

There are a lot of obvious metaphors as to why Landon is a Phoenix, like the whole “rebirth” thing. (Malivore creating the perfect being from what is basically the pit of death, thus, rising from the ashes in the form of his son.) But, I think there’s more to it than that. I don’t think Seylah was just a random Triad employee who happened to fall into the pit right at the time Malivore figured out he could procreate the old-fashioned human way. Let’s not forget, she’s lost a lot of her memories (oh, the irony in that sentence.)

Why does Clarke really want to unlock Malivore?

Malivore is super powerful, and all villains want more power. Here are some out-there theories that could be the real motive behind Clarke’s mission;

Power: He wants Malivore’s power to control all supernaturals/monsters—maybe, harness their powers somehow? This could make sense, because he’s felt “imperfect” his entire existence.

Kai Parker: Yes, I’m still on this. I still think that Josie/Lizzie’s sociopath uncle has something to do with this. Evil knows evil, and Clarke seems like he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Kai may look human, but he’s more of a monster than any we’ve seen on this series so far. #Trust

Could Malivore take human form?

My guess is yes. Julie Plec & Co. are all about epic twists, and it would be pretty freaking epic if someone we’ve been watching all season was secretly Malivore (remember, body-jumping isn’t new to the TVDU. For you newbies, Klaus Mikaelson actually inhabited Ric’s body before he was introduced.) I know it’s a stretch, but this monster has too much build up to be just a big hunk of clay.

Let’s not forget: Hope is basically the infinity stone of the TVDU.

If you’re not a Marvel fan, here’s the skinny on infinity stones: They’re basically indestructible. Hope Mikaelson is Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Gamora all wrapped into one kickass tribrid. At the end of the episode, we saw Triad soldiers infiltrate the Salvatore School. I feel bad for them, because they must be really stupid to think they can stop the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall. Go kick some ass, girl.

I’m exhausted from all this theorizing! Let all this digest and tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh and @Pure_Fandom, and find more Legacies discussions below to theorize with us on:

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