5 things to remember before you watch ‘The OA’ season two!

A quick recap of the most important parts of season one.

#1 The OA was shot

At the end of the last episode of season one, a boy comes to the school with a gun. The five (Steve, Buck, French, Jesse, and BBA) start doing the five movements, distracting him. A guy tackles the shooter, but a few shots go off as he falls.

After they finish the movements, The OA is in the background, hands over her heart. There’s a hole in the glass in front of her. An ambulance takes her away as blood soaks her shirt, but she tells the others that they succeeded. Of course, since she’s the star of season two, it seems obvious that she’ll survive, but who knows with this show.

#2 Hap most likely tried to travel dimensions with the others

After The OA and Homer learn the fifth movement from Evelyn, Hap takes her and drives far away, leaving her on the side of the road. He says that he has Homer, so he doesn’t need her.

The OA knows that Hap planned to go back to the others and make them do the movements to jump dimensions. Steve, Buck, Jesse, French, and BBA are helping her get to them. She’s confident that she can do it, even though dimensional travel seems pretty complicated.

#3 The OA’s premonition came true

Given that The OA was telling her own story, there was always a question over whether it was true or not. One really strange aspect of it was when she said she’d have prophetic dreams and her nose would bleed. Her ability is proven to exist when she dreams about the school shooter right before it happens. She wakes up distraught, nose bleeding, and Abel lets her leave.

#4 French found books at OA’s house that question the truth of her story

After OA’s parents catch her in the unfinished house with the others, they take her away to a hotel. Meanwhile, French, Steve, and everyone else search for any proof her story is true. French goes as far as to break into their house.

In her room, he finds something under her bed, but it doesn’t help her case. In a bag are a bunch of library books relating to her story, leading French to believe that she made it all up. To make it even weirder, at the house French runs into Rahim (Riz Ahmed), the FBI counselor, who has always seemed a bit off.

#5 Homer and The OA are destined to be together

Okay, this one might not be proven, but I’m confident they’re going to find each other again. I mean come on, OA brought all these strangers together, convinced them of her strange story, and taught them how to jump dimensions, all so she could get back to him. If that’s not soulmates, then I don’t know what to believe.

Season two of The OA is streaming on Netflix right now!


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