‘Whiskey Cavalier’ recap: 1×04 “Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge”

Whiskey Cavalier recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge,” Aired March 20, 2019
We’re in France this week. There’s no better place to celebrate romance!

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge laser something to be said for lust

We learned all kinds of new information about the team. Will had a goatee phase! Frankie was super into the Backstreet Boys. Susan developed her magnificent profiling talent through sibling rivalry. So many revelations, so much bonding! 

There are an excessive amount of images in this recap because the episode was just full of things to love.

“Care to dance?”

Can I talk about that choreographed laser scene for the rest of my life? That was SO COOL!

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge care to dance laser

We begin the episode with a success – nerve gas secured from a private gallery. However, there was a catch. That wasn’t all the nerve gas. So Will and Frankie went undercover as a happily married couple.

Mrs. Dan Fleming

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Dan and Mary Fleming

It’s my dream episode. FAKE MARRIAGE! Sorry to tell you shippers there was no bed-sharing, as Frankie took the bed, and Will the couch.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Will and Frankie kiss

But never fear, THEY KISSED, Frankie initiated! And it was a fantastic kiss! Will even commented on how convincing it was, so it’s easy to forgive the fact that it was merely to keep their cover.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Frankie and Will romantic picnic

There was also a picnic where Frankie revealed some background information to Will. They connected! And there were some longing looks and absolute MOMENTS.

“Your tiny robots are delicious”

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Edgar Standish Jai Datta tiny nanorobots

Nanotrackers too small to see with the naked eye, inhaled through food, for instance, so they can latch onto your organs. These are pretty darn cool. No surprise, these robots are the work of Jai. Oh, and Jai gave these to every person even potentially involved with their mission, and not one knew it. Cool.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Jai Datta and Edgar Standish react to Will and Frankie kiss

I was delighted to see more Jai/Standish bantering. The dynamic between those two is hilarious, and I can’t wait for the moment they become the best of buddies. There was a total breakthrough in this episode!

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Edgar Standish and Jai Datta bonding

And Standish’s improvised song was a jam, guys. I’m totally singing along when I rewatch.

“This is what happens when you believe in true love”

The plan was to pose as a happily married couple attending a wedding. Will’s cover was the groom’s old roommate. Frankie was Mary Flemish, wife to Will’s Dan. If this sounds like it’s too much for the team, that’s because it is.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Frankie undercover

The groom was fake; he was an undercover cop after the bride’s father. Plus, Frankie hooked up with one of the groomsmen while she was supposed to be fake-married to Will. And Will was so, so jealous!

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs.& Mr. Trowbridge Will jealous of Frankie's hookup

Even more, an assassin-for-hire who Will tried to turn in years before recognized him, potentially blowing the couple’s cover. When Frankie and Will took care of the assassin, Frankie needed to take her place as a bridesmaid.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Frankie steps in as bridesmaid

Additionally, when they thought they finally got to their mark, it was a body double. They did eventually find him, but he made a run for it, and the fake groom really loved his bride and refused to stop the getaway car.


Whiskey Cavalier 1x04 recap Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Susan left behind

The team left Susan out of the undercover portion of the mission because they needed her to profile the wedding guests. She was bummed about being left behind while the rest of the team headed to France, but a talk with Ray, of all people, reminded her how necessary she was to the team, regardless of where she was located.

And Susan warmed up just a tad to Ray. I can see her advocating for his inclusion as the season goes on.

So close!

It all worked out in the end thanks to the power of true love. Will and Frankie caught their mark after chasing his plane, and the bride overcame her fake groom’s lies when he told her the truth – that their relationship started as his mission but he truly loved her. The bride ended up helping out, shooting her father in the leg to prevent his escape.

True love triumphed in the end, but Will and Frankie were left still longing. We’ll get there eventually, guys (I hope)!


So that was absolutely as amazing as I hoped! Will and Frankie are so falling for each other, and this week really highlighted that. The team is getting closer with each mission, and every week is delightfully entertaining.

It looks like Frankie is the jealous one next week when another spy catches Will’s eye. This should be good. See you next Whiskey Wednesday!


Next week:

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