‘Gotham’ recap: 5×10 “I Am Bane”

Gotham recap: Season 5, Episode 10, “I Am Bane,” Aired March 21, 2019
You know it’s going to be interesting when Hugo Strange is involved. And really, who else would be called in to help out a mostly dead character? Always Strange.

It’s the Bane episode we’ve been waiting for with a couple other surprises mixed in.

Gotham 5x10 recap I Am Bane Shane West become a monster

I Am Bane

When Walker got Eduardo out of Pena Dura, she made him a promise to give him a true purpose.

Keeping her promise, after rescuing Eduardo from his fight with Jim, Walker brought in Dr. Strange to put him through an “agonizing and lengthy” process to turn him into “the bane of the unjust, the bane of the corrupt, the bane of anyone who opposes us.” His transformation was so well done, brought to us in a truly terrifying opening sequence.

Gotham 5x10 recap I Am Bane Shane West Eduardo Dorrance Hugo Strange

I will note that it was pretty difficult to understand what Bane said some of the time.

Happy Reunification Day!

And in comes the government to rebuild the bridges and save the day – right? Everyone was in good spirits at the start of the episode – toxicity levels in the water far below the government-suggested threshold, promises of better days for Gotham, and the impending arrival of Jim Gordon’s kid.

Well, this is Gotham, so smooth sailing only lasts so long. Help did arrive, but right as Jim was about to seal the unification deal with the US Army, they were attacked.

Special Order 386

Walker is not Walker. She does not work for the federal government. She had no intention of helping Gotham.

Gotham 5x10 recap I Am Bane Jaime Murray Walker Nyssa al Ghul

After capturing Jim, Bruce, and the head of the US Army, Bane tortured Jim in front of Bruce as Walker demanded Bruce figure out who she really was and why she hated him so much. Meanwhile, Strange inserted a chip in the Army leader’s head, unknown to Jim and Bruce.

Gotham 5x10 recap I Am Bane Bruce Wayne Nyssa al Ghul Ra's al Ghul

Bruce put the pieces together just in time to save Jim’s life, but Jim was then delivered to Strange to be turned into another super soldier. Turns out Walker was none other than Nyssa al Ghul. She came after Bruce to avenge the killing of her father, Ra’s al Ghul. She wanted Bruce to suffer as he watched Gotham get blown to rubble, which she enabled by chipping the leader of the US Army.

Consequently, Gotham is in trouble – again.

Baby Babs

All kinds of double-crossing going on between Nygobblepot and Barbara. With the submarine finished, the three were ready to leave Gotham until Barbara went into labor. Reminding the guys not to leave without her, she also took action to ensure any double-cross attempt would be unsuccessful, stealing a crucial piece of the submarine.

Gotham 5x10 recap I Am Bane Nygnobblepot Baby Babs

When they go to confront her and demand she give the piece back, they all learn Nyssa sent Bane after Barbara for her hand in killing Ra’s al Ghul. They didn’t make it easy for him, but he managed to find where Lee took Barbara and her new baby girl.

Gotham 5x10 recap I Am Bane Eduardo Dorrance is no more Shane West

Lucky for Babs, it’s Alfred and Selina to the rescue. It’s less lucky, however, for Alfred.

Gotham 5x10 I Am Bane Alfred Pennyworth versus Bane

NO. YOU DON’T HURT ALFRED. I neeeeeeeeeeed Alfred to be okay. I really do. Most upsetting moment of the episode.

Another four weeks before the next episode? Killing me, guys. I need to know if Alfred is still alive, and if Barbara’s baby ends up being Barbara Gordon, Batgirl.


Next week:

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