‘Deadly Class’ season one finale recap: “Sink With California”

The first season ends with a bang!

Deadly Class season 1 episode 10, “Sink With California,” aired 20 March 2019.

“We’re all broken.”

Anybody home?

Starting off right where last episode ended, the group considers whether this is worth the risk before heading in. Lex and Marcus blow up the front door, Saya goes in an upstairs window, and Petra and Billy wait in the back as back-up. Inside, there’s chickens and a goat, but no sign of people.

Upstairs, Saya searches as well, and after finding nothing, she relaxes. But thankfully she spots the still lit cigarette on the table, right before she’s attacked. Downstairs, Lex and Marcus are ambushed in the kitchen, and fight their way over to the turned over fridge to hide behind. When Chester sends someone over the attack them, he finds a stick of dynamite about to blow up, as Marcus and Lex are hidden inside the fridge.

Lin flees with Nahia

Fleeing from his house with his daughter, Lin runs through different places on his way back to King’s Dominion. El Diablo sent Holy Ghost after them, intent on making Lin watch his daughter die. Lin gets shot in the arm, and at one point Holy Ghost almost has him, but Nahia hits him over the head with a plank of wood (a particularly bad*ss moment for a terrified little girl).

Maria faces off with Saya over Marcus

Saya starts fighting with one of Chester’s family members. With her own sword to her throat, she’s overcome, and Maria appears in the window, just watching. She asks Saya, “You f***ed him, didn’t you?”

Saya has to defend herself all on her own, and when she stops the woman, Saya and Maria begin fighting each other. Their relationship is falling apart. When another family member shows up, they manage to make that their priority, but the damage to their friendship is done.

Billy comes to help, but the man they’re fighting is so huge that the poison they brought does nothing. Thankfully, Petra is there to save the day. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Chester flees downstairs.

Well aware that it’s a trap, Marcus follows him. Left alone, Lex is attacked and almost killed by another guy. Like Petra saved him, Billy comes in to save Lex, and the three have an adorably touching moment together.

Tonight on The F***face Show

Of course, it was a trap. Marcus goes downstairs to find dogs and people in cages. Not a surprise. Chester appears and forces him to be a guest on his strange talk show.

He tells Marcus to tell the world the truth, that Chester was really the one who killed all the people at the boy’s home. As per usual, Marcus can’t keep his opinions to himself. But this time, it actually helps him, as he talks Chester into thinking he wants to be friends, before hitting him with a brick.

Lin’s lies become reality

Lin manages to make it back to the school with Nahia, but he collapses when he gets there. When he hears footsteps, he looks up, seeing a few of his monks dead on the floor, and Gao standing over them. He knows what’s coming next.

Gao says that she’s taking Nahia to the temple. Paralleling her own childhood experiences, Lin pleads to her, saying Nahia isn’t ready. Gao’s response: “Neither was I.” Now Lin’s story is true, and he’s lost his wife and his daughter.

Love will tear us apart

After their fight, Saya decides that her friendships with Marcus, Maria, and the others, is doing more bad than good. She leaves, while Maria goes to find Marcus.

Downstairs, Chester chases after Marcus. He catches up to him and starts beating him up. Luckily, a dog crate is just within reach, with a very angry dog inside. Marcus opens the cage, and Chester screams, “Peppermint, no!” before the dog starts eating his neck. Gross.

Marcus finds Chico’s head in a fridge nearby and heads upstairs. Maria’s waiting for him, and they finally have a much needed talk about their relationship. Unspoken feelings are shared, and they both know it’s over. Maria realizes that she needs to be alone to figure herself out. She tells Marcus,”I’ve been tied up my entire life. That’s all I know, so I made you my new rope.”

They get rid of one problem, only to face another…

The conversation isn’t really finished when they step into the street, but they stop when they see El Diablo and his men waiting for them. Marcus and Maria look pretty guilty, standing there with Chico’s head in their hands. Just as it seems like it couldn’t get any worse, Lex runs out, urging them to leave.

Seeing El Diablo and the others, he stops cold. One of El Diablo’s men turns him gun to face Lex, and shoots. Lex falls to the ground, but is he dead? And what’s going to happen to Maria and Marcus?

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