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‘Black Lightning’ 2×16: Top 4 moments from “The Omega”

When two becomes three!

Black Lightning 2×16  recap: Season 2, Episode 16, “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega,” Aired Mar. 18, 2019

In this weeks episode of Black Lightning: Jen goes after Tobias, but it doesn’t take long for her dad to catch up with her plans; Odell finally outs himself to the Pierce family that he knows all about them, along with recruiting all three of the Pierce family metas to protect Freeland; the bounty hunter finally turns up in Freeland, and takes Dr. Jace with him; and lastly, we discover that Khalil isn’t really gone, he’s in one of the pods.

Lets breakdown the top 4 moments of 2×16 in more detail:

#1 Jen/Black Lightning vs Tobias

Jen is with Gambi when he gets a ping on Tobias’ location, and as soon as she sees where it is, she was off. Despite Gambi advising her not to go off again on her own, Jen (stupidly didn’t learn her lesson) flies off to fight Tobias, like, literally! When she turns up, her plan is to kill Tobias for good. Luckily, just in time, Black Lightning turns up and convinces her that killing him is not the way to get justice.

Jefferson has fought with his inner-self if killing Tobias is the answer or not, but when faces with seeing his daughter possibly killing him, he knows he cannot let her do it. It may all be good knowing never having to worry about Tobias again, but loosing your soul in the process won’t make it worth it. They both stand down and let Tobias live.

Tobias gets captured instead, and gets placed in federal custody, where he gets relocated to a place called The Pit. Um, don’t think that’s a place I’d like to end up at any time soon.

Do you think Jen or Jefferson should have killed Tobias? Or still think that they choose the right path by letting him live?

#2 Odell recruits Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning

The Pierce family are having another bonding time/family meal, when they are RUDELY interrupted by Odell. No one is too pleased when he reveals he knows exactly who each of them are, but explains he has a good reason for unexpectingly turning up. Turns out the Markovian’s are coming and Freeland is “ground zero” – uh-oh! This can’t be good at all!

Odell wants Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning to team up and protect Freeland from the Markovian’s. So now, it seems like the father-daughter duo between Jefferson and Anissa, is now having another member added to the team. How amazing will this be? Finally we will get to see more of Lightning/Jen using her superpowers. Let’s hope Jen can keep her cool, and not have any more mishaps with her not controlling her powers.

#3 The Bounty Hunter (finally appearing in Freeland) to capture Dr. Jace

The CW

We last saw this mysterious meta back in episode 2×09, but had no idea who he was, or what he was planning to do when he turned up in Freeland. All we could guess was that he was some sort of assassin. However, we FINALLY see him again (took long enough), and discover that he actually is a bounty hunter. Oh, and there is more … his clients are none other than the Markovian’s! OMG – this is crazy!

The Markovians hired the guy to capture Dr. Jace, as of course her this is a backlash to her conducting those previous unethical experiments. The police had Dr. Jace in a cell, but the bounty hunter can time travel, so he was able to teleport into her cell, grab her, and teleport back to where the Markovians were.

#4 Khalil is ‘alive’ in one of the pods

The CW

Just as we got over from being heartbroken over Khalil’s death, we got some possible exciting news. We catch a scene where we see Khalil in one of the pods that the Green Light kids had been in, so that can only mean that Khalil is ALIVE, right??? Like, WHAAAT! Such a good twist! I screamed so much when I saw Khalil’s face in one of them pods. Can’t quite believe it! I am equally shocked as I am excited, to know that there is a great chance that Khalil can be back for good.

For now, we can just assume Khalil can wake up eventually and return to his normal life. I really hope this can happen, as Khalil deserved better! It was really brutal what happened to him, and got no justice for his death. Crazy though, isn’t it? It is going to be such a beautiful and emotional scene whenever Jen and Khalil’s mom finds out that Khalil isn’t gone for good. PLEASEEEE writers, we need a happy story. Can we see Khalil alive in season 3? Would you all want the same?

Other important scenes:

  • When Lynn beats Dr. Jace’s ass up. Not gonna lie I enjoyed that moment. Dr. Jace deserved a little roughing up after all the trouble and lives she has took. Lynn may not have superpowers, but I certainly wouldn’t plan on being her enemy.
  • Gambi nearly dying on us … this is why Jen should listen to her parents when they say don’t run off and do foolish stuff.
  • Cutter breaks up with Tobias. Damn, girl, a straight stab to the heart that was.

Guys, that was the last episode from season two! *sobs* But not to worry, we will be getting a season three, so we have that to look forward to. Despite there being no official release date for S3, I assume we can expect Black Lightning to return in Fall 2019.

Make sure to let me know in the comment section below about your thoughts on this episode and predictions for season 3.  I wanna know what y’all think! And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all my posts here!

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