‘The Umbrella Academy’ recap: Episode 1×06, “The Day That Wasn’t”

Klaus opens up to Diego about Vietnam, and Number Five gets a day job.

“I have been left out of everything for as long as I can remember.

And I used to think it was Dad’s fault but he’s dead. So it turns out you’re the assholes.”

The love of Klaus and Dave

Klaus is still reeling from his experiences in Vietnam, and this episode we finally get to see what happened. Klaus met a fellow soldier, Dave, and they fell in love. Right before he cam back to the future, Dave was shot and killed on the front line.

Take your kid to work day

Five starts his new job, and The Handler shows him around. He takes note of how messages are delivered and where the time-traveling suitcases are. The Handler shows him to his desk and gives him his first assignment, but it quickly becomes clear that he has another plan in mind.

After noting everything on The Handler’s tour of the facility, Five starts putting his plan into action. He sneaks around and sends two messages: one to Hazel, and one to Cha-Cha. Both instruct them to kill the other “for immediate extraction.”

The Vanya effect

Vanya arrives at the academy to find her siblings in the middle of another family meeting. Angry at being excluded again, Vanya leaves with Leonard. Her anger seems to have a huge effect on her surroundings, as she makes it rain, and bends light posts and cars.

Meanwhile, with Klaus and Diego

Klaus really doesn’t seem to care about the end of the world. His only concern is avoiding drugs, which is very unlike him. Klaus is trying to get sober so he can use his ability and see Dave, and he asks Diego for help.

Diego ties Klaus up to a chair, but right as he finishes, Klaus claims he has to go to the bathroom. Untied again, Klaus starts talking about taking drugs, so Diego forces him back in the chair. Klaus tries one more time to convince Diego to let him go by claiming he can conjure Patch for him, but Diego just wants revenge on Hazel and Cha-Cha.

It’s so great finally seeing someone care about what’s happening with Klaus, and Diego and Klaus’s relationship has been one of the highlights of the show. When Diego ventures downstairs again, he runs into none other Mother. Of course he’s confused, given he was the one to turn her off, but he’s definitely happy to see her acting normal again.

A + L

While trying to figure out how to save the world, Allison and Luther reconnect, talking about their childhood together and their feelings for each other. Luther finds out that his father never read any of his reports from the moon, and Allison comforts him.

Seeing how depressed he is, Allison takes Luther to the park. They bond, and for once, they don’t let anything stand between them. Dancing and kissing, Allison invites Luther to come meet her daughter, Claire.


At the end of the episode, a lot of things happen. Hazel and Cha-Cha try to kill each other, Klaus sees Dave, and Vanya finds her father’s notebook at Leonard’s house, will all the information about her abilities. But none of that matters, because Five, with the help of one of the time-traveling briefcases, jumps back to the morning, giving them a do-over of the day, but with his help.

Maybe the second time around will go better?

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