‘The Good Doctor’ season 2 finale: “Trampoline”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 2, Episode 18, “Trampoline,” aired March 11, 2019.

Better late than never, right? Well, if you’re missing The Good Doctor after just one week, then reread what went down in the season two finale. I smiled a lot for once!

Gettin lit

Shaun starts his morning off at the bar where he gets into a bit of a tussle. The drunken man at the end of the bar starts to tell Shaun to shut up. He tells the man he can say whatever he wants. Yeah, you can Shaun, but this man seems crazy so. The man starts beating him up, but in the middle of the fight, falls unconscious.

Lim and Melendez go to HR about their relationship, and they get approved to date. It also leads to, like, the most awkward scene ever. When Claire asks what they got approved for, they just start making out in the middle of the hospital with music in the background and everyone is like wtf. LOL. That’s not workplace etiquette, kids.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Park are with a patient who is way nosey. She inquires about why Morgan isn’t married. Wow! A single woman? How unheard of…thank you, next. Morgan refocuses the conversation on Park, telling the patient that he still wears his wedding ring even though his wife lives in another state. I love their friendship. If you don’t troll your friends, you aren’t really friends.

Good doctor and friend

My heart swells when there are Shaun and Claire scenes. This one especially. They’re talking about what they want in life, and Claire mentions she wants to fall in love. Shaun concurs with that statement, even saying he wants to be a father. Claire tells him she thinks he’ll make a great father, and oh my gosh, this is the sweetest. I love their friendship so much! They even roleplay Shaun asking a woman on a date with staplers and everything. Now that is friendship to a T!

Did he just order an iced coffee with no cream or sugar? Excuse me. Oh and Glassman also just casually proposed to Debby, so that was random. Or as she says, “it’s also stupid.” That was a little harsh — I just thought it was random, but Debby isn’t holding back. And neither is Park’s patient who says he needs to give his son a brother or sister. Woah, lady, hold the phone.

Morgan seems to be the captain of the Lim and Melendez relationship. Has anyone actually congratulated someone for getting a boyfriend or girlfriend? Now that I think about it, Morgan is just probably kissing Melendez’s butt because that’s always her thing.

He’s not okay

Despite Shaun telling Claire that he’s okay and that he found the man unconscious, he’s not actually okay. He sends a sampling into Carly who knows he’s lying to her about it being Claire’s patient’s sample. Oh no, Shaun! What is going on? Carly is 100% onto him and advises him to tell the “patient” that the bleeding could be serious.

Just as I thought, he’s not okay. Claire knew that he wasn’t okay either, telling Lim he was acting strangely from the get-go. In fact, he passes out in the patient’s room as he tells him he just wants the moment to be sad and angry.

Andrews is really stepping up this episode, I have to say. He’s championing Shaun by telling Han that he’s an idiot. He didn’t use those words, but that’s what I gathered from it. Either way, Andrews is working hard to convince Han that Shaun is intelligent and a great surgeon.


Why is Claire the best? She waltzes into the guy’s room who beat Shaun up, in plain terms, calling him an ass for beating up Shaun. She really doesn’t hold back, and I just really dig that about her. However, the patient ignores that and tells her Shaun told him that he has trampoline. Lim is just as confused, thinking he may have been hallucinating because even in the medical world, a trampoline is just a trampoline.

Claire decides to channel Shaun, standing how he usually does to try to get some insight. Maybe if she tries to get into his head, she’ll be able to figure out what he was seeing before he passed out. And it seems to add some pieces together for Claire, even giving us illustrations across the screen. That’s a neat connection between the two surgeons!

I’m so glad Glassman and Lea came to be with Shaun in the hospital. You never know with Lea, ya know. I still don’t trust her very much, despite Glassman talking her up on Shaun’s behalf. Aw Glassman taking care of Shaun is adorable, Even more adorable is Claire telling him that she was able to diagnose the patient with Shaun’s help. Even when Shaun is passed out, he still saves the day. Amazing.

The end…for now

Glassman goes to bat for Shaun to the board at the hospital. He gives them instances of when Shaun has performed miracles for the hospital, and that even though he cannot communicate like the rest of them, he inspires. If I wasn’t so cozy in my blankets, I would get up and clap for this. Han, however, is not impressed because he still stands by his decision to let Shaun go.

Andrews, wow. He tells Han that he would rather have Shaun as a surgeon than keep Han around. Yes, man. As Melendez and Lim said, there might be consequences that come with Andrews’s decision. Maybe, but for now, I respect Andrews for his action on this case. Melendez also surprises me when he recommends Lim for the position of chief-0f-surgery. A respectable move, Melendez.

Shaun got his job back! Oh goodness, Lea thought Shaun was going to ask her out, but he doesn’t. Ouch! Back on the proposal front, Glassman is still after Debby. This time, Debby says yes. You know who else says yes? Carly to Shaun, but just on a date, not marriage! Cute af, you guys! He took the flowers and chocolate with him because he was so excited. Awwww.

At least this finale didn’t make me cry. It actually ended on a really positive note, which I am thankful for. What did you think of the finale? Sound off below or tweet us!

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