‘Doom Patrol’ 1×04 and 1×05 reviews: “Cult Patrol” and “Paw Patrol”

Front row seats to the apocalypse.

Note: I’ve watched both of the last couple episodes of Doom Patrol and I’m doing something a little different with this weekly review. This article will cover both episodes 4 and 5. As usual, full spoilers will follow…

 Doom Patrol continues to pick up steam with these next couple episodes, despite The Chief and Mr. Nobody missing from the proceedings, a paranormal detective/templar named Willoughby Kipling (Mark Sheppard, Supernatural) comes to Doom Manor to find the Chief to help him out in preventing the end of the world, the gang steps in to help out.

“Cult Patrol”

The show’s devil-may-care, bizarre sense of humor knows no bounds as it takes us to the lost city of Núrheim and it leans even more heavily into Morrison’s iconic run. The overarching villains are somewhat the show’s answer to Titans’ Nuclear Family. Elliott, who turned 18, is the key in summoning the Decreator, a supernatural force that will bring forth an apocalypse!

“Cult Patrol” stops the gang from lingering in their collective pasts and it marks the start of them becoming a legit superhero team. Rita, in particular, finally got to step up here as she gets over her apathy to stop the Cult of the Unwritten Book and we get to see flashes of her being the den mother to Elliott. April Bowlby delivered the goods on both fronts.

There’s a big fight scene in the Manor where Cyborg, Kipling, Rita and Larry square off with Núrheim assassins and it was pretty cool seeing Vic and Kipling work together. Science and magic make the strangest bedfellows. Cliff and Jane are trapped in the lost city as the ritual begins…

“Paw Patrol”

(DC Universe)

Everything in Cloverton starts to disintegrate in “Paw Patrol” as the Decreator makes his presence known. After sitting out the last couple episodes. Mr.Nobody and Niles make their respective returns and Doom Patrol is elevated as a result. Not to say that the show was without them, it showed a great deal of restraint on not overexposing them, and it worked wonderfully as Nobody’s Deadpool-like self-awareness comes back in full force.

Time travel ensues as Mr Nobody and Caulder join forces to fight back with a two-pronged assault, Niles returns to the Manor and Nobody travels backwards to 1977 and a key moment in Jane’s past to create a cult to fight the Cult of the Unwritten Book called the Cult of the Rewritten Book. He uses her alter Dr. Harrison to persuade the patients in the mental hospital to join the cult to make the Recreator.

(DC Universe)

Diane Guerrero got the most to do in this episode. It shines a light on her troubled past and her abuse in the mental hospital. Doom Patrol gives Crazy Jane/Kay the perfect platform in expressing her dissociative identity disorder. There is a sense of heightened reality that helps and Guerrero brings a lot of pathos to each of her personas so that the character is greater than the sum of her idiosyncratic parts.

The diverging point that separates Doom Patrol from the X-Men is that the Chief has a more morally ambiguous side and it does color things differently for the gang’s overall dynamic and there’s a great scene between him and Cyborg.

Doom Patrol shows no signs of slowing down and it’s only gonna get better from here as the season continues. It’s the DC show to beat, right now and with Niles and Mr. Nobody back in the game, there’s no stopping it!

Various musings:

  • Is Kipling aping Constantine? The similarities are striking! (trench-coat, loves to drink, deep into the occult)
  • Robotman yelling “what the f*ck?!?” all the time just begs for a supercut.
  • Dr. Harrison gave me some Kilgrave vibes
  • Nobody’s narration needs to stick around

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