‘The OA’ recap: Episode 1×02, “Chapter 2: New Colossus”

Prairie tells the story of her abduction.

“The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net, I’d catch only beautiful things.”

How Nina became Prairie

OA continues her story from last episode. After the accident, her father decided to hide her from the Voi, sending her to a boarding school from the blind. Nina and her father spoke every Sunday on the phone, and she played the violin for him. Her aunt was supposed to keep an eye on her, and Nina’s father provided money for both her and the school.

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Suddenly, her aunt appears at the school and takes her away. She says Nina’s father has died, so there’s no more money. Nina doesn’t believe her and thinks her father is just hiding and waiting. Her aunt brings her to a sort of brothel, and she takes care of the babies before they are adopted.

This is how Nancy and Abel found her. They came to adopt a baby boy, but when Nancy goes to use the bathroom, she finds Nina, and offers her a home. Although he’s hesitant, Abel agrees, and Nina’s aunt lets her go. She’s still in hiding, so Nancy changes her name to Prairie, like her eyes, “blue as a prairie sky.”

Source-checking OA’s story

The next day at school, Steve, Jesse, and Buck start researching OA’s story, trying to find anything about Russia and her father. They find something on a bus falling off a bridge, but the pictures look different than the images we say during OA’s story.

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At lunch, they invite French to sit with them, but he’s dealing with some of his own problems. He got a great scholarship, a full ride, but he knows it’s only because of his race. Along with that, there’s a character clause, so he can’t get caught up in anything against the law or he’ll lose it.

Premonitions of her father’s return

Continuing her story, OA talks about nightmares she got as a kid. She slept walked, speaking Russian and playing with knives. The Johnsons go to a doctor, who tells them it’s early signs of intense mental illness, and prescribes pills for her.

The dreams only get worse as she gets older, and the pills just numb her. Her nose runs, just like before the bus accident. Prairie dreams of her father holding twenty one melting candles. She thinks he’s sending her a message, and plans to go to the Statue of Liberty for her twenty first birthday.

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She convinces someone to drive her to the bus station and heads to New York City. Hopeful and happy, Prairie goes to the Statue of Liberty, waiting the whole day, but her father never comes. Sad and lost, she goes to the subway and tries one more time to find him by playing her violin.

Enter, Hap

Instead of finding her father, someone else finds her. Dr. Hunter Aloysius Percy, or Hap for short. He hears her music, and starts talking about Near Death Experiences, and coming back changed. He takes her out to dinner and charms her with his interest in consciousness, the afterlife, and his fascinations with NDEs.

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Hap says he is doing a study with people just like her, who had a NDE and came back with an ability. He tells him everything she wants to hear, and she offers herself as a test subject.

Prairie’s tricked, and she meets Homer

They ride in a helicopter to his home, and she notes how quiet it is. She asks to call her parents, but no one answers, saying “it just keeps ringing.” Hap guides her downstairs and puts her in what turns out to be a see-through cell.

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Of course, once she realizes she’s trapped, she freaks out, and a couple voices starts talking to her. One tells her it’s all her fault she’s there, while the other tries to provide comfort. The second voice: Homer.

Season one of The OA is on Netflix right now, and season two arrives on March 22nd!

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