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‘Supernatural’ 14×15: 7 best moments from “Peace of Mind”

Snakes, cardigans, and milkshakes!

Supernatural 14×15 recap: Season 14, Episode 15, “Peace of Mind,” Aired March 14, 2019

What the H-E-Double hockey sticks  is going on in this town?! We have seen some very interesting things on Supernatural in the past, but this episode was such a trip because we really had no idea what was going on in the very charming, clearly off town. Also, that whole snake thing was interesting, too. Let’s break it down.


The opening of Supernatural sets up the case of the episode and usually ends bloody. This one starts off with a bit of mystery and ends in blood spray, but what set this opening apart was the cashier’s reaction – “Dude?” – amazing.

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Agent Cas

Castiel might have a stronger grasp on pop culture now, but he still has no idea how to read social cues. Anytime he is working a case we are reminded that he is still the lovable, clueless angel we met a decade ago.

Pleasantville Sam

We knew something was up the moment they stepped into that town to investigate the head exploding death in the opening. The second Sam sipped the milkshake something changed in him, and when there was an opening in the Smith household (RIP former “Mr. Smith”), Sam slapped on a cardigan and glasses! Jared Padalecki is always great, but watching him play Pleasantville Sam was an absolute trip.

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Jack and Dean road trip

Jack, Dean and Jack’s snake set out to visit the soulless Prophet, Donatello. The squad is worried that Jack burned up his soul killing Michael, so Dean takes him on a drive to Donatello’s house. Donatello doesn’t think Jack is soulless, but he does think he is super, duper powerful.

“God has a beard.”

Cas is the frickin’ best.

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Sammy facing his hurt

Cas can see why Sam slipped so easily into this town’s fairy tale ways. Sam desperately wants to be happy. He has lost everything to this life, most recently his army of hunters. Watching Cas plead with Justin/Sam to fight was heartbreaking, but it was even harder when he got back to the bunker and confronted his grief.

Jack and the snake

Yikes. Jack’s snake was sad and missed his former owner. Was Jack being merciful by sending the snake to heaven or was that super messed up? Either way, Jack’s power is a little unsettling.

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What did you think of this episode? Are you worried about Jack? Hit the comments and let us know! 

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