‘Shadowhunters’ Kat McNamara and Dominic Sherwood share secrets from the set!

Shhh: Despite all the drama, it's hard to keep a straight face sometimes!

Let’s be honest: While we are all suckers for some funny, fluffy and romantic moments, we all (not so secretly) love the drama that is Shadowhunters: Be it Clace’s bittersweet romance, Simon’s efforts to adapt to his new vamp lifestyle, Magnus’ losing his magic or Alec struggling with the concept of mortality/immortality. We could basically go and on and on…

Shadowhunters Secrets from the set
Freeform/John Medland

Ever wondered how the cast manages to keep a straight face while doing dramatic or intimate scenes? In this exclusive featurette, Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood take us behind the scenes and let us in on a little secret: It’s pretty hard sometimes!

 Something I’ve learned through Shadowhunters is that there are times where you have these moments, they are supposed to be very dramatic, that become a little laughable because there’s so much that happens in post production that what we’re doing feels a little ridiculous. You know, drawing things in the air or drafting magic, or you know, burning something off your neck that kind of looks like you’re using a TV remote.

(Katherine McNamara)

And while we were all suffering with Clary while Jace tried so very hard to get rid of that pesty demonic twinning rune during “Beati Bellicosi” (find our recap here), Dom only wondered about one thing: Would he ever be able to forget Kat’s high-pitched screams? Fun times! Ultimately, “you learn to deal with these moments and then enjoy them for what they are.” (Katherine McNamara)

Watch the featurette below:

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