‘Riverdale’ 3×15: 3 biggest takeaways from “American Dreams”

Our OTP's are falling apart bit by bit...

Riverdale 3×15, Season 3, Episode 15, “Chapter Fifty: American Dreams,” Aired Mar 13th, 2019.

It’s FP’s 50th birthday in the new episode of Riverdale. Jughead finds out more than enough about Gladys, our favorite detectives are back together and three of our favorite OTP’s are falling apart.

Here are the three biggest takeaways from 3×15:

Team Bughead are back

Last episode we found out that Alice had sold the Cooper home, however the buyer was not revealed – until now.

Gladys Jones was the buyer, wanting to provide a roof over her children’s and husbands head. Can you say awkward and uncomfortable?

Veronica confides in Betty about Gladys’ drug aspirations, in which they encourage Jughead to investigate his mother. When Jughead finds out about the drugs, he isn’t happy at all and Gladys shows no remorse towards his anger.

She explains that she’s doing it for the good of her family, to give them what they deserve and because it is FP’s 50th birthday, Jug can’t break his fathers heart just yet.

At the end of the episode, Jughead reveals to Betty that he is going to save FP and Jellybean, also running Gladys out of town. He asks Betty if she would like to join him and by the look on her face, Team Bughead is back and ready for business!

Our OTP’s are falling apart

Things between Cheryl and Toni have been getting tense for quite some time now and this episode proved no different. When Cheryl suggests a mountain getaway, Toni tells Cheryl that she has already planned to spend time with the Pretty Poisons – choosing once again to spend time with them over her girlfriend. After their argument, Cheryl goes to the speakeasy with a basket of muffins to apologize, only to catch Toni singing ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ with Veronica.

Not only did the sing-song upset Cheryl, but she also finds out that Toni has been giving Nana Rose rent money. Later on in the episode, Cheryl returns to the speakeasy in a gorgeous red cocktail dress, insisting that she’s there only to gamble and demands Toni fetch her a Bellini, treating her as the help.

Turns out Cheryl wasn’t there just for the gambling and is caught by Toni, the tension between them sizzling up heat more than hate. The two begin ripping their clothes off one another on the pool table in a very sexual scene between the two of them, in the midst of Archie’s boxing matches. However, the intimate moment between the two doesn’t seem to have helped them make amends, but more like allow them to have closure on their relationship. Toni admits that them moving in together was too soon, causing Cheryl to tell her to move out and storm off. Will our favorite LGBT Riverdale couple survive this rut? We can only hope!

Moving on to our favorite parent will-they-won’t-they couple, when Alice finds out that FP and Jughead will be moving in with Gladys and Jellybean at the Cooper’s home, she confronts him about if he still loves Gladys in which he replies “She’s the mother of my children.” Alice then plucks up the courage to ask how he feels about her – does he love her? His response, “It doesn’t matter now. It’s over. I’m sorry.”

As devastating as this scene was, maybe this was for the best? Them rekindling their romance would only affect Bughead in ways we just don’t want!

And lastly, our most new and recent OTP – Reggie and Veronica.

Reggie pushes Veronica to work as business partners, however, Veronica tells him that she is not ready for a new business partner whilst she already has enough going on with Gladys and Hiram.

She offers him a large amount of money instead, causing Reggie to lash out and doubt his place in Veronica’s life, telling her that he knows his worth – which I really admired, as I think Veronica needs to sometimes remember that the loved ones around her are also worth as much as she is.

Veronica gives the key’s to Reggie’s car back to home, announcing that they now owe nothing to one another. She also makes a point that she is still getting over her and Archie’s wrenching break-up from only a couple of months ago. Being as this relationship is still very fresh, it definitely wouldn’t be as painful as Choni or Falice, but I really do have high hopes for these two to go far!


Archie is now a business owner

Archie, Jug and Betty trace the ‘Kill the Red Paladin’ cards back to Hiram Lodge – shocker – who also admits that he printed out a dozen of them; 3 to Warden Norton and 9 to Tallboy, all to be spread out for the fanatical players to find.

Jughead comes up with the idea of The Red Paladin defending himself for 12 hours, dusk till dawn. Archie will take on every cardholder at a time in hand-to-hand combat and remove the sacrifice mark off of him once and for all.

The fights become brutal, a lot of punches to the face and even a bite of Archie’s shoulder, however, he still comes out on top.

Hiram tells Archie he can keep the gym as compensation, making Archie a new business owner. How do all of these high school students keep finding their own businesses!?

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