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‘Arrow’ recap: 7×15 “Training Day”

Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 15, “Training Day” Aired March 11, 2019.

While the SCPD had our vigilantes “training” to be sanctioned by the police, Oliver and Felicity were reveling in their baby-sized secret. And we were right there with them.


This episode was a fan fiction come to life, in the best way. They were talking about cravings, baby names, and making a better Star City for their child.

Pregnant Olicity is so happy, so soft, and so loving. I love that Oliver picks out Mia’s name, and that it’s short for Moira. I always thought that the name Mia was like the Twilight situation where they combine two names. Moira + Thea = Mia. But this makes more sense. Honestly, maybe it’s the lack of acknowledging Thea’s existence that made me want her honored in some way.

Oliver and Felicity tell John that she’s pregnant, and he’s very happy as the captain of their ship. John also gives Felicity a little push in the direction towards Smoak Tech, and gives her candies to help with nausea. OTA at it’s finest.

Mia Smoak and William Clayton… are the cutest

Their banter was a welcomed highlight in 2040 dark depressing flash-forward land. They are able to get a cassette player for Felicity’s message, and she says she kept them apart to protect them. And she gives them coordinates to The Glades.

Felicity also wants them to “get the hell out of Dodge” so to speak, but they aren’t doing that either.

The flash-forwards used to be dark, after dark, with some more dark, but with the addition of Mia, and the brother-sister bond between Mia and William forming, I’m starting to feel the hope.

Team Arrow, Star City’s Finest

Guess what? I’m not mad at Dinah and Rene anymore. They did a pretty good job this season of taking away what made them annoying in previous seasons while injecting some nice moments with them. They didn’t do that with Curtis, but hey, he’s off the show so we’re all good on my end.

Dinah subsequently deals with the loss of her Canary Cry and making the SCPD work with the team. But alas, these groups have fundamentally different approaches and by the end of it we have separate teams once again.

The bunker is back, and the Mayor agreed to make Team Arrow another unit that Rene calls “Star City Black Ops.” I personally never needed SCPD approval to feel like our team was doing good. But some people do, and that’s fine. It’s all about your own morality.

Dinah handles the loss of her Cry well. She’s still a kickass fighter, and her Cry was never her go-to move. I feel for her though, and I’m excited to see where this will take her.

Who killed Diaz?

Emiko. Emiko killed Diaz. Thanks, girl (I’m kind of upset it wasn’t Black Siren, but this is interesting).

Stray thoughts:

  • I had to Google tartine, and once I did I fell in love, once again, with Master Chef Oliver
  • They are handling Felicity’s pregnancy with so much grace and respect
  • I’m here for the Mia and William spin-off
  • I want mint-chip and more GIFs of Olicity winking at each other
  • Donna Smoak needs to be present in this baby love fest

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