‘Good Trouble’ 1×10 recap:“Re-Birthday”

It's Davia's party and she'll cry if she wants to.

Good Trouble episode 1×10 “Re-Birthday” aired March 12, 2019 

It’s Davia’s birthday 25th birthday! Or as she’s calling it, “re-birthday” because she’s a brand new Davia who is on a path of self-improvement and respect.

Davia is the type of person who is really into her birthday and this year she’s celebrating with a pub crawl competition. Challenges include, Davia-centered trivia, eating hot wings and kissing people you’ve never kissed before. The point-system is arbitrary. There is no prize. Everyone must bring a plus one. There’s teams and buttons with Davia’s face. It’s all very nonsensical, but amazing to watch.

It works really well in that it’s very fun to watch AND it moves every relationship in the show forward. It’s a win-win!

Birthday Tears

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Let’s start with the birthday girl, who ends up in tears by the end of the night and it’s all thanks to Dennis. Yeah, I did not see that last part coming. New and improved Davia is proudly telling everyone that she’s over Jeff, her married boyfriend. No one really believes her. And rightly so, since she spends her entire birthday waiting for a text from him. He knows how much her birthday matters and his silence is the final straw.

Except Jeff didn’t forget. He showed up at The Coterie to surprise Davia for her birthday and Dennis immediately punched him. Dennis told Jeff that Davia is trying to love and respect herself. If he’s not willing to give Davia everything she needs, then he needs to leave. Jeff leaves, and Dennis fails to mention his visit to Davia. When Davia finds out she confronts Dennis.

In between the tears and running mascara, Davia questions what Dennis knows about love and self-respect when he clearly hates himself. She’ll treat herself with self-respect when he does. The Davia and Dennis dynamic is one that has constantly surprised me, they don’t go about it in the best ways, but they push each other to be better.

Davia ends up back in bed with Jeff. It’s obviously a bad idea, but she finally realizes she needs to be done with him and breaks up with Jeff. It’s an amazing moment for Davia…for about 10 seconds.  Jeff then announces that he’s thinking of leaving his wife. Jeff needs to go away.

5 Stars for Brandon!


At the start of the night, Callie and Mariana accidentally steal Alice’s Coche ride. Coche, by the way is Good Trouble’s ride sharing app. Their driver turns out to be their brother Brandon, which means every member of the Adams Foster family has stopped by Good Trouble!

Brandon pops up throughout the episode giving his sisters and their friends rides.The girls are very surprised that Brandon is driving for Coche and try to get him to share what’s going on with him. It’s actually Dennis who manages to get Brandon to open up.

Dennis, who has some experience screwing up a marriage, listens to Brandon’s woes and has some advice. Short version is: “Don’t be an ass.” Long version is: Brandon hasn’t told Eliza he’s driving for coche. Eliza is the one making money and providing for them. Brandon, you can guess, doesn’t seem comfortable with his wife taking care of him. Dennis tells Brandon get over his antiquated views on gender roles and not lie to his wife.  Callie later on advices Brandon along those same lines.

The Love Quadrangle

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Callie’s love life is never simple. Callie and Gael are done, in fact, they had a huge fight last episode. Bryan and Gael are now boyfriends. Bryan likes to remind everyone that Gael choose him over Callie (except, did he?). One of the people he tells is Jamie, who Callie has brought to Davia’s birthday as her date.

The fact that Gael and Callie are done is news to Jamie. Not unwelcome news, but it does make him wonder what the deal is with him and Callie. Jamie, who is basically the most well-adjusted person in this entire show, has no time to play games. He makes it clear to Callie that their current arrangement of friends with sometimes benefits, isn’t working for him.

I would like to once more, let everyone know that I am Team Jamie. He’s nice, funny, good looking and if the need arises, totally willing to take off his shirt and dance with a gogo dancer.

Both Jamie and Gael call Callie out for being selfish and self-centered, especially when it comes to her relationships. By the end of the episode, Callie agrees to date Jamie.  She also apologizes to Gael for making him feel used, and assures him that it wasn’t just about sex. They tentatively agree to be friends.


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Mariana takes Raj as her plus one, but they’re just friends. Raj and Mariana make a pretty great team throughout the night, they even end up winning (I think?? The rules were confusing), when they scheme and manage to steal a disco ball from the club. It’s clear Raj has feelings for Mariana, but he’s also trying to respect the boundaries that she’s set for them, so I’m willing to see where this goes.

Mariana gives the disco ball to Raj to thank him for sticking up for her at Speckulate, even if it meant losing Alex and Sam as friends. Raj isn’t too broken up about it, he’d rather hang out with Mariana. It’s Alex and Sam who give Raj and Mariana their shipper name #Maraj. They’re clearly doing it to mock them, but I actually quite like it, and Mariana does too.

Elsewhere In The Coterie

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  • Sumi invites herself as Alice’s plus one, and spends the whole night being flirty with her ex. It seems to be the final wake-up call for Alice to realize she needs to move on. But I feel like I say this every week, so don’t trust me on this one.
  • I am 100% here for Malika and Isaac. Malika is reluctant be open with Isaac who thinks she’s awesome and just wants to get to know her. In the end, Malika tells Isaac a little about her family. It’s a big deal and they both seem to know it.
  • Look, I’m not a #Brallie shipper, but I have always loved the connection between Brandon and Callie. I appreciated the rooftop confessional, there is SO MUCH HISTORY BETWEEN THESE TWO, but one thing they’ve always been good at is confiding in each other. I love how they support each other, always.

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