‘Whiskey Cavalier’ recap: 1×03 “When in Rome”

Whiskey Cavalier recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “When in Rome,” Aired March 13, 2019
This episode really highlighted the differences between the FBI and CIA. While Will waits for a mark to cooperate semi-willingly, Frankie is ready to break some bones to get cooperation. Will is all about protecting his team; Frankie is determined to not get attached to anyone. In “When in Rome,” we got some Susan/Will interactions juxtaposed with Jai/Frankie conversations, and the contrast revealed was fascinating.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x03 When in Rome recap Frankie Trowbridge cooperation air quotes

But despite their differences, “When in Rome,” the team has to come together to prevent a bomb detonation and save a kidnapped child.

“They’re dead… again”

I was absurdly stressed out watching that opening sequence. When Frankie and Will ran into the room to find the prime minister and his wife dead, my heart sank.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x03 When in Rome recap Will Chase is not impressed Scott Foley

AND THEN they revealed it was all a training exercise! Plot twist right off the bat. I’m almost embarrassed by the sigh of relief I let out.

Team is like a family

Whiskey Cavalier 1x03 recap When in Rome Frankie Trowbridge Will Chase team we are family

Everyone was in agreement that for the sake of the team, Will and Frankie really had to stop clashing over everything. However, Frankie was having none of it. She doesn’t mix personal with the professional, and she claimed that because of that, she’d never truly care about any of her teammates. We’ll see, Frankie. Something tells me you’re wrong there.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x03 When in Rome recap Frankie Trowbridge Will Chase we are family

Frankie might not want to believe the team is like a family, but Jai and Standish totally fight like family. And it is hilarious!

Whiskey Cavalier 1x03 When in Rome recap Jai Datta versus Edgar Standish

To save their jobs

The stakes are  (somehow) raised in this episode, as the team’s existence depends on their success stopping a neo-Fascist group from obtaining a weapon of mass destruction.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x03 recap When in Rome Susan Ortiz Jai Datta all dressed up

To start, the team got dressed up to head to a party where their target would be in attendance. They all put their skills to good use to capture their man, which they did, and Frankie got to use another awesome piece of Jai tech – a necklace with the capability to drug a person.

Plus, Standish provided some great comic relief in a fake catering van while the rest of his team was in the field.

High-stakes Operation

This makes two missions in a row their target was killed. Not a great track record. With the mission falling apart, the team followed suit. Even Susan, Jai, and Standish got into fights. Susan and Jai clashed over their approaches to Will and Frankie and their attempts to get them to bond. And after Standish begged the team for a weapon, Jai caved and armed him. Standish then used the gun to accidentally shoot Jai in the arm. Someone really needs some weapons training. 

Whiskey Cavalier 1x03 recap When in Rome Jai Datta shot by Edgar Standish

But luckily, with the threat of a bomb hidden under the streets of Italy, the arguments came second to finding the bomb and defusing it to save thousands of lives. Frankie and Will ran into a little trouble with a guy Frankie used to work with, but he couldn’t stop them – only slowed them down. And I just have to mention that in their fight, Frankie put down her enemy AND called Will “a real man” all at once. Nice.

In order to defuse the bomb, Frankie played the highest-stakes game of operation ever. She succeeded in deactivating the bomb, but the piece she removed was booby trapped. Fortunately, Will and Frankie were able to get out just in time. Super cool explosion scene, by the way.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x03 When in Rome recap Will saved Frankie again

When in Rome…

Arguments come second to a mission, and everyone can get along for the sake of success. When in Rome, this team of clashing personalities can prove themselves and save their jobs. And When in Rome, Will and Frankie can get real close (proximity-wise) and get along.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x03 When in Rome recap Will and Frankie dance


Next week, Frankie and Will pose as a happily married couple. That is what fanfiction is made of! With three super solid episodes already, next week is sure to be epic! Talk to you next Whiskey Wednesday!


Next week:

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