‘Deadly Class’ recap: Episode 1×09, “Kids of the Black Hole”

Marcus messed up big time.

Deadly Class season 1 episode 9, “Kids of the Black Hole,” aired 13 March 2019.

“I think you let me live because I’m who you used to be. I’m who you suffocated.”

Saya’s reconnaissance

Saya watches Chester’s house, where he and his crazy family have a musical performance. Chico’s head is still around, as well as Shabnam’s parents. When his dad gets the chance, he tries to escape.

Unbeknownst to Shabnam’s dad, Chester and his family set up a system of deadly traps around the house, and he falls victim to a particularly gruesome one. Saya takes pictures to bring back to the group.

Lin’s noticing his own hypocrisy

Lin gives a lecture about love being a weakness. Of course, it’s hypocritical given his current circumstances, and Marcus calls him out after class. He points out how much of what they’re being taught goes against everything Lin told him when he first came there. Marcus thought he would learn how to harness his anger and change the world, but right now they’re just being taught to be emotionless and obey orders.

Master Lin definitely realizes this, as he fights the Guild and his sister’s harsh beliefs. Now that she knows about Nahia, Lin’s just waiting for her to attack. While Lin chooses the defensive tactic, Marcus goes with the aggressive plan, attacking Chester before he can attack them or kill more people.

Willie’s out

When he realizes that this is going to get violent and messy, Willie stands strong on his choice to never kill, and backs out. He listens to what Gabrielle has been telling him and decides to leave, both King’s Dominion and San Francisco. He asks Gabrielle to come with him, and she says yes.

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Marcus and the others need Lex’s help to get the firepower for the plan, and but he’s not feeling great towards Maria after she attacked him in class. Marcus basically tells him to put his money where his mouth is, and with some urging from Petra, he agrees to help.

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While on their way out of town, Willie and Gabrielle stop at a gas station. They see a man getting beat up and robbed, and Willie does nothing, driving away. We can see him rethinking his decision to leave, and not help his friends when they need him.

Lin and Gao’s fight escalates

Now Lin knows Gao’s going to do something, but not what. He orders Saya to guard his house, but it’s the night they’re going to stop Chester. She stays for a bit then decides that her friends need her, and honestly, they do.

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He and Gao were both trying to trick the other through Brandy and Viktor. Last episode led us to believe that they were on Gao’s side, but apparently Lin convinced them. Lin’s plan almost succeeds, but a small smirk gives him away, and before they can take down Gao, she escapes.

Maria asks Marcus to be there for her and he majorly lets her down

Knowing that anything can happen when they go after Chester tomorrow, Maria asks Marcus just for one favor, to stay with her that night. But then Saya asks Marcus to come to a punk concert. He sees Maria in her room, sobbing and drinking, and leaves.

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They go to see The Adolescents and meet Lex’s contact. At first, Marcus is his normal judgmental self, but after pushing from Saya, he goes into the mosh pit and has a great time. He leaves with Saya, and in an alley she kisses him.

Next thing you know, Marcus is waking up next to a half-naked Saya in a park. He leaves her there to rush to the comic book shop, and thus begins a really crappy (literally) day for Marcus.

El Alma del Diablo is out for blood

When Lin fails to stop Gao, he rushes to his house. Instead of his sister, he finds El Diablo and his men holding his family hostage. El Diable knows that Maria killed Chico. Lin says he didn’t tell him it was Maria to limit his grief, taking care of the problem himself. He says, “Why make you kill a daughter to avenge a son?”

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Lin’s wife, Shu, is apparently as well-trained as he is, and while El Diablo is distracted, she kicks the leg of his chair out, starting a fight with everyone in the room. She tells Nahia to run, but of course she doesn’t want to leave her parents. Standing scared in the living room, she’s a perfect target.

El Diablo raises his gun. Shu must hear the sound of the weapon, as she smoothly stands up, putting herself right in front of it. El Diablo fires, shooting her through the head. Thankfully, Lin is able to escape, grabbing Nahia and running from his house.

The fight begins…

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Elsewhere, everyone arrives near Chester’s house with weapons and explosives, readying for the fight. With Saya late and Marcus frazzled, their night is off to a shaky start. Maria can tell something happened between Marcus and Saya, but she holds back, at least for now.

Can’t wait to see the chaos of next week’s season finale!

The season finale of Deadly Class airs next Wednesday at 10PM, on SYFY.

(Featured Image: Katie Yu/SYFY)


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