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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×14 “Top 3 Moments”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 14, “Stand and Deliver” Aired March 10, 2019.

Superfans, we are back! How are you feeling after this week’s episode? It was a great story. The relevance of this episode was on point. “Stand and Deliver” was a perfect depiction of every movement, of the last several years. Brainy even went so far as to mention a few. Let’s take a deep dive into this pivotal episode!

3. Duty vs Belief


The President assigns Alex to babysitting duty this week. Clearly the Director of the DEO has nothing better to do than babysit, Mr. President. Who is she assigned to? Agent Danvers must protect Ben Lockwood.

This is a perfect example of Duty vs. Belief. Alex signed on to the DEO to protect the lives of all American Citizens. Unfortunately for her, this includes Ben Lockwood. Alex goes through a self discovery of sorts.

  • She is unsure she can protect someone whose beliefs she is firmly against.
  • Alex believes that he is the threat, not others.
  • She realizes it is about duty, not thoughts.

Alex must push past her objections and do her job. This brings her to the realization that all people no matter, the race, or (alien) deserve the rights of basic protection. As an officer of the law, she will protect their rights at all costs.

2. #AmericanAlien


Ever since our wonderful Brainy lost his Legion ring, he has felt out of sorts. While out of sorts, Hailey asks him to look into someone. This person with the name, #AmericanAlien, has set up a peaceful march outside of the court room, Ben Lockwood will be speaking at.

This same courtroom is where Alex will be watching him. Hailey wants Brainy to find out who organized the march. She fears the march may end up in violence. Brainy thinks it is unnecessary, but agrees to look into them.

  • Through a conversation with Kara, Brainy reveals he is #AmericanAlien.
  • He asks her to march with him. Kara believes she should patrol instead.
  • Brainy is saddened by this, but will continue to march with J’onn and the others.

Brainy misses being apart of something bigger than himself. I don’t understand why he isn’t getting this from the DEO, but the sentiment is there. The Elite have threatened violence at Brainy’s march, but they all continue with the plan accordingly.

1. Peaceful Camaraderie


The day of the march, as one can expect, all hell breaks loose. Brainy, J’onn, James, and the rest of the aliens are marching peacefully up to the court house. Alex has the local PD on standby and her eyes on Ben. The Children of Liberty and The Elite show up. Supergirl and Dreamer decide Brainy is right and are marching with him.

  • Manchester becomes violent and starts to attack humans.
  • The Children of Liberty assault pretty much anyone.
  • Dreamer, Brainy, and Supergirl help both sides.

The scene gets so violent and scary that people begin to help each other. Humans who aren’t with the aliens help them up. Aliens start protecting humans. They all start taking care of each other, while the heroes fight the Children and Elite.

James captures the beautiful sight with his camera. I must admit this part really got to me. The fact that both sides realize the chaos and come together is a sight to see.


Ben and Manchester’s attempt to make the rift between humans and aliens larger, actually made it smaller. Both of their plans fail. The march showed a very distinctive shift in certain people’s hearts. This episode for the win.

What did you think? Was the correlation to close to home, or was it just right? Until next week, my Superfans!

(Featured Image courtesy of comicbook.com.)


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