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‘Black Lightning’ 2×15: Top 4 moments from “The Alpha”

Jen's out for blood!

Black Lightning 2×15  recap: Season 2, Episode 15, “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha,” Aired Mar. 11, 2019

In this weeks episode of Black Lightning: Jen attempts to seek revenge, for the death of Khalil, by going after Tobias; Anissa finally figures out Grace’s big secret; Lynn cares and protects meta-human Wendy from Odell; Jefferson gives rules to follow for Anissa and Jen, when they are suited up; and more!

Lets breakdown the top 4 moments of 2×14 in more detail:

#1 Jen attempting to seek revenge for Khalil’s death

Jen takes the perfect opportunity to hunt Tobias down, and attempt to take him out. However, it goes horribly wrong. She runs off in secret, after sneaking on Gambi’s computer and finding the location of where Tobias could be. Not only was that a stupid idea, but an further stupid idea was taking her suit that hasn’t been finalized yet.

This had serious consequences for Jennifer. Her powers over ride something in the suit. as it appears Jen couldn’t stop her powers. She screams in pain as she looses control over her powers, which must be burning her I assume. Jen ends up collapsing all alone, which could potentially end up getting her killed. I think it’s safe to say that Jennifer will have learned her lesson, to listen to her fathers rules.

#2 Anissa figuring out Grace must be a shapeshifter

Anissa isn’t having it great these days! She’s still trying to search for Grace and figure out answers to her many questions, like: who the hell was that man? Why was there a half eaten dead animal there?

She vents to Gambi, letting him in on her worries. After she describes what happened that night, Gambi tells her he thinks she may have came face-to-face with a shapeshifter. Gambi also gave Anissa some much needed advice about her relationship with Grace:

“If she loves you the way you say you love her, she will find a way back to you.” – Gambi

Right? Who knew Gambi was so wise on young love!

Later, Anissa spills all to Jen, and gains some sisterly advice. While they talk, Anissa has an epiphany, and suddenly then realizes that the shapeshifter she met must have been Grace. OMG – yes, we are freaking out too Grace! Jen tells Anissa that she has to find her, and tell her everything. Screw listening to your dads rules, am I right? (will come to this later).

#3 Lynn’s empathy for meta-human Wendy

I love Lynn so much! She is so kind and warm-hearted, it’s no wonder that Wendy bonded with her.

Wendy is worried to go back into the real world (a world that is now 30 years ahead from when she was last in it), but Lynn reassures her that things won’t be as bad as she thinks. Lynn has the idea that Wendy should see Perenna, who will help make her at ease more and hopefully make the integration back into Freeland as smooth as possible. I think this is a great idea, just look at what Perenna did for Jennifer.

Later, Lynn has a talk with Jennifer and asks her if she could chat with Wendy, to answer any questions she may be having. Perfect idea! I think these two could become good friends possibly. Both are still coming to terms with their powers, so it would make it easier talking together as they are in the same situation. Lets see where it goes!

Side note: how great was it when Lynn stood up to Odell? I was fully behind Lynn. For some reason Odell wants to push the metas really far, which is going to end up killing them. With Lynn protecting them, they won’t have to worry about Odell. Let’s hope Lynn never looses her privileges of working with the Green Light pod kids.

#4 Jefferson’s rules for Jen and Anissa to follow

The Pierce family sit down to dinner together, and use that as a moment for a family catch up. Jefferson discusses the girls being suited up and them all being a team together – protecting the streets of Freeland. However, he lays out some rules that must be followed, if they work alongside him as Black Lightning:

  1. They cannot tell anyone who they really are
  2. They should always have back up ( i.e. Gambi)
  3. They cannot kill people – including Tobias

Seems like simple rules to follow? Wrong! Jen already breaks rule 2, and attempts to break rule number 3. Also, Anissa follows her sisters steps in being a rule breaker – she plans to tell Grace that she is Thunder. Um, girls, that kinda defeats the purpose of your dad having rules. I wonder how Jefferson will handle his rebellious daughters …

In case y’all don’t know, this is the second last episode of the season. *cries* So, I expect some intense finale to happen, leaving us on edge, wanting to know more! Hit me up in the comment section below about your thoughts on this episode and predictions for 2×16.  I wanna know what y’all think! And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all my posts here!

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Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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