‘Riverdale’ 3×14: 5 craziest moments from “Fire Walk With Me”

The darkness is getting stronger in Riverdale...

Riverdale 3×14, Season 3, Episode 14, “Chapter Forty-Nine: Fire Walk With Me,” Aired Mar 6th, 2019.

Before we get in to the nitty gritty details of 3×14, I would just like to acknowledge a wonderful man who stole everybody’s hearts, as Fred Andrews and all other characters he had played before – Luke Perry. It has been an incredibly sad week for family, friends and fans of Luke Perry after the announcement of his passing, however the cast and crew of Riverdale have organised a way to keep him alive within the show by paying tribute to him from this episode and onward.

Remembering Luke Perry: His most memorable roles 

Although Luke appears for only a short time in 3×14, we see him doing what he does best – helping and supporting Archie. The moment he came on to our screens was most certainly a difficult time, but we will continue to keep his memory alive within us and get through this time together.

Thank you to the cast and crew of Riverdale for the memoriam, it has touched hearts all over the world.

Now, without further ado, here are the top five craziest moments from ‘Fire Walk With Me’:

*Spoilers Ahead*

Brother Kevin

Kevin, oh, Kevin. Why did you get yourself sucked up in to the Farm? It is clear to see that something really is brainwashing everyone who get’s involved with the Farm, just from how quick Kevin turned against Betty and her beliefs.

With her best friend possibly in danger, Betty follows the Farm gang in to the woods and witnesses Evelyn encouraging Kevin to walk across hot coals, in order to prove his dedication. Betty tries to stop Kevin, with no such luck.

Evelyn has become bored of Betty’s inevitable attempts to sabotage the farm, now including stopping Kevin from joining and threatens to spill of Betty’s dirty secrets if she ever tries to expose the farm.

Honestly, I need this story-line to pick up it’s pace now, because I really want to see the behind-the-scenes of what on earth Chad Michael Murray is doing to these people!


Dark Betty

Don’t get me wrong – sweet and innocent Betty is my absolute favorite, but Dark Betty… Dark Betty gets me really giddy!

When Alice tries to sell the farm, Betty follows behind and reminds the possible buyers that the living room is where her “serial killer father showed us creepy snuff films” or that the house comes with “fun accessories like the shovel my mother used to knock out my father, the notorious killer, Black Hood.” Betty was going in on Alice and she wasn’t about to stop there.

Later on in the episode, Alice announces to Betty that somebody has bought there house and a defeated Betty storms upstairs trying to figure out her next moves. Nearing to the end of the episode, an extremely scarily calm Betty meets up with Jughead and Archie at the Gargoyles secret spot, whilst back at the Cooper manor – the house had been torched down.

I was really cheering on Betty for doing what she did, however, I worry that all of this is going to end up driving her more stir-crazy than she already is. Luckily, we see a small and rather rare scene of our favorite foursome back together, where they all offer their homes to Betty.



The Serpents vs. The Gargoyles

Gladys bringing the Serpents and Gargoyles together is definitely not her smartest move – not that she’s had many of them anyway – and Jughead is now struggling to keep his gang under control.

Former Gargoyle, Kurtz, causes quite some havoc in the Chemistry lab – picking a fight with the Pretty Poisons, almost gets in to a fight with Fangs, and refuses to speak the Oath back to Jughead.

Jughead loads off his troubles to FP and is inspired to get his gang together, working well. That is, until Toni calls for Jughead in a panic and he discovers that Kurtz and another Gargoyle is hanging Fangs by his feet over a ledge in the school halls. Luckily enough, Jughead and Sweetpea grab Fangs in time, but this has completely pushed Jug over the edge and he calls for another meeting, where FP will now be having his say.

FP will now be deputizing the Serpents and they will serve as peacekeepers.


Archie VS Ricky

Archie and Josie find a young boy, Ricky, hiding away at the Boxing Gym, where Archie trains and now cleans. When the three of them head over to Pop’s to figure out a solution and find a way to help Ricky, including Child Serves, Ricky runs away in fear due to a previous stay at Santa Lucia Shelter, where he explains that he was held down and branded – the same brand Archie also has on him, meaning Sacrifice.

Archie loses Ricky when he is chased away by some thugs in the middle of the night. He turns to Jughead and the Serpents to help seek him out, believing that rogue Gargoyles could be behind the whole thing. They find Ricky hiding in ‘Gargoyle Ground Zero’ and notice an ominous list of names due for sacrifice on the wall – including Archie and Ricky’s.

Proving none other how ridiculously blind Archie has been this entire season, Ricky is actually behind everything and a child has well and truly outmaneuvered Archie. It turns out that there is a massive twist to Ricky’s story, including the fact that his real name is Ricardo De Santos and he is the younger brother of Joaquin!

Archie is trapped in his own home, face to face with Ricky holding a knife in his hand, where he explains that their time spent together was a scam. He branded himself in order to become a Gargoyle, he added his own name to the list, and he was there to finish off what Joaquin couldn’t – ‘Kill the Red Paladin’.

He does succeed in stabbing Archie, however our beloved Fred comes in to the rescue and treats the wound. Archie questions why bad things keep happening to him, with Fred saying “you’ve just got a big heart.” Proving that Fred Andrews also has too big of a heart and is the only person who can see the good in all the bad things Archie is doing.


Veronica Lodge Takes The Wheel

It’s safe to say that Veronica is getting a little too big for her own boots recently and putting herself through a lot of sh*t she could have probably avoided. Hiram and Gladys have so much over her head at the moment, that Veronica is pretty much running her bar just for the two of them.

Finally, Veronica has had enough of these two grown adults sabotaging her business and is ready to put some ground rules in place. With suspicions arising that Veronica has turned her speakeasy in to a casino, she hires the Pretty Poisons to serve as protection –  no longer allowing Hiram or Gladys to enter.

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