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‘American Gods’ recap: Top 4 Moments From Ep 2×01, “House on the Rock”

American Gods, Ep 2×01, “House on the Black Rock” aired on March 10, 2019

And we thought those Droughtlanders were long. STARZ’s larger than life series, American Gods, finally returned for its sophomore season after a 21-month hiatus. The show manages to pick right up where it left off after that epic showdown between the Old Gods and the New Gods at Ostara’s home. Granted the show has experienced quite a bit of changeover behind the scenes during the hiatus. New showrunners. Changes in the cast. I will absolutely miss Gillian Anderson’s Media. She was absolutely an effing Goddess. I am curious to see more from Kahyun Kim as she portrays a new Media.

Tonight’s premiere finally brings together the Old Gods as Mr. Wednesday gives his pitch. The time has come for them to reclaim their place in the world. The time for war with the New Gods has arrived. Read on for my top five moments from tonight’s episode, “House on the Rock” Be sure to leave a comment below with your top moments from the episode. Stop reading now if you did not wish to be spoiled details of the American Gods Season Two premiere.

Mr. World is Shook

In the S1 finale, Mr. Wednesday finally revealed his true name to Shadow Moon and gave the New Gods a taste of what a coming war could mean. The episode kicked off tonight with a truly frazzled Mr. World. While Technical Boy lobbied for going on the offense immediately, Mr. World rebuffs the idea. “Preparation is key” Crispin Glover’s intense counterpart insists. They need Media back. How else can he possibly sell war to the masses without her? It was interesting seeing the usually polished and charming, Mr. World thrown so off-kilter. It stands to reason that of course, he would miscalculate things towards the end of the episode when he gives Wednesday the sacrifice needed to truly ignite the war between the gods. He hopes to lock Bilquis in on the New Gods’ side by making her complicit in the deaths at the diner, but that can only backfire on him. Didn’t Mr. Wednesday say that it was the wit and wisdom of Bilquis that brought down King Solomon? Both Mr. Wednesday and Mr. World would do well not to discount badass Bilquis. She was around long before either of them.


Opaque on Arrival, Inevitable in Retrospect

The Gods have their fortunes read by a carnival machine reminiscent of Penny Marshall’s Big. There was something magical in even watching the metal inner workings of the machine produce fortunes for most of the group. Of course, Mr. Nancy passed on the experience of having his own fortune read, “It’s a motherfucking fortune from a wax dummy, Dummy.”  I have missed Mr. Nancy’s blunt, irreverent delivery. Bilquis has her fortune read first and something about it makes her look to Shadow Moon immediately and she continues watching him throughout the episode. What could her fortune have said? Mr. Wednesday refuses to reveal his own to Shadow Moon, but has no issue with reading Shadow’s fortune.

Every ending is a new beginning. Your lucky number is none. Your lucky color is dead. Motto: Like Father, Like Son.

Meaning??? We’ve always known that there is something special about Shadow Moon. That might has a light in him as we saw Laura following around all last season. Who is Shadow Moon’s father? Was that conversation with Mr. Nancy speaking about family and belonging telling us something about Shadow’s parentage?


Shadow’s Wild Ride

During one of the most awkward car rides ever, Shadow gets stuck in the backseat with his not so dead ex. She reaches for him and he flinches away. Laura is working overtime and get back her hopelessly devoted “Puppy”, but that doesn’t seem like it’ll be happening under Mr. Wednesday’s watch. During that ride, Shadow tells Laura that he wants to believe in her, but it is Mr. Wednesday that Shadow Moon speaks up for after that psychedelic carousel ride takes Shadow and the Old Gods into a different kind of reality.

Shadow sees their true faces and the power beating off of them. After Bilquis gives her impassioned speech about finding new relevance in the New World with the tools of the New Gods, Shadow speaks up. He believes in Mr. Wednesday and that they should support Odin in his war against Mr. World. Could Shadow Moon’s father have been one of the many gods? During that carousel ride, when things get crazy and Mr. Wednesday’s forehead shows that burning mark, Shadow Moon’s does the same. Was it just Mr. Wednesday setting the time and place for that off-world meeting or something more?


Deus Mortuorum

Mr. World goes after the Old Gods as they feast and celebrate at Motel America. Salim is at his Jinn’s side and Sakina Jaffrey joins the show as Mama-Ji, the biggest and baddest Demon Killer that Mr. Wednesday happens to know. Of course, there are demons!! It’s a full house at the diner as Mr. Wednesday continues to push his campaign for war. Czernobog doesn’t appear to be completely won over. He tries to convince Shadow Moon to agree to yet another wager. Things take a turn during that very graphic moment when Mr. World sends his henchmen to kill the old gods. They use bullets engaved with Deus Morturoum, latin for “God is Dead”. The leader of the New Gods truly should have taken his own advice and perhaps waited for the counsel of Media. The hail of bullets takes out among others, Zorya (Cloris Leachman)


Thoughts of killing Shadow Moon or leaving Mr. Wednesday alone to his war is the furthermost thing from Czernobog’s mind after Zorya death. Czernobog wants his own vengeance at that moment Peter Stormare gives one epically chilling, expletive-filled soliloquies as he curses those responsible.

…you will not die in a battle. No warrior will taste your blood. No one alive will take your life. She will find you and you will die with a sweet kiss on your lips and enter eternal darkness.

Still holding his dead friend in his arms, Mr. Wednesday wonders, “Is this what it took?” It would appear so. This war is on.


What did you think of tonight’s S2 premiere? What did Bilquis’ fortune have to do with Shadow Moon? Does Mad Sweeney seem a little jealous when it comes to Shadow and Laura? How amazing is Yetide Badaki as Bilquis and which side will the goddess land on? Did Shadow Moon get abducted by aliens? What’s the next move now that the war appears to be happening? Drop a comment below or find us on Facebook/Twitter.


American Gods airs Sundays at 8/7c

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