‘The Umbrella Academy’ recap: Episode 1×04, “Man on the Moon”

The truth of Luther's transformation is revealed.

“I drank that whole bottle, didn’t I? That’s what you do when the world you love goes bye-bye.”

Luther’s transformation

Before Hargreeves died, Luther was the only one left at The Umbrella Academy. He was eager to work, so Hargreeves sent him on random missions. While out on one, something happened and Luther got a fatal wound.

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Grace, Hargreeves, and Pogo worked to revive him but were unsuccessful, so Hargreeves called for the serum. He injects it into Luther. They wait, and months later he wakes up, huge and covered in hair.

Allison wakes Luther up from a dream about his transformation, and shows him Grace. They’re worried about how Diego will be when he finds out, unaware that he was the one who did it.

Number Five fails his mission

Hazel & Cha-Cha manage to get information out of Klaus about the lab that made the eye Five’s tracking. They take a nice trip there, hopped up on his drugs, and have a lot of fun burning it all down. Of course, Five is devastated when he sees this.

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Losing hope, he turns to alcohol, researching and getting drunk in a library with Dolores. Luther and Diego pick him up and bring him to Diego’s place to sleep it off.

Allison doesn’t trust Leonard

At the end of last episode, Vanya went to Leonard’s place and stayed the night. In the morning, he walks her to rehearsal and tells her he’s going to work. But when Allison goes to find Vanya and stops at her apartment, he’s there creeping around.

He claims he was dropping off Vanya’s keys, but honestly, that makes no sense. When Allison goes for a drink with Vanya later, she tells her suspicions, but Vanya doesn’t believe her, especially when she finds flowers left by Leonard in her bedroom.

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Sadly, it turns of Allison is right. When Vanya calls to thank him for the flowers, he’s in the kitchen, pouring her prescription drugs down the drain. There’s no possible reason a good person would do that.

Klaus turns the tables on his captors

This episode shows part of Klaus’s backstory as well, and how Hargreeves used to lock him in a mausoleum when he was a kid to face the spirits. Real nice, Reginald. Having been kidnapped for a while now, Klaus is experiencing forced sobriety, and Ben tells him to use it to his advantage.

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Another spirit appears, and Klaus and Ben realize that she’s one of Hazel & Cha-Cha’s victims. When he says her name, that certainly freaks them out, but soon enough Klaus has the perfect information to throw a wrench into their relationship. He tells Hazel that one of their victims wants to thank him for letting his wife escape.

Cha-Cha is not happy to hear this. Apparently, Hazel has been hiding his sympathetic tendencies from his partner for a while now. They go into into the bathroom to talk it out.

Detective Patch to the rescue

While they’re off in another room, Detective Patch arrives at the motel. She passes the room they’re in, but Klaus is able to get her attention by banging his head on the table. She frees him, right before Hazel and Cha-Cha come out again.

In a horrible twist (I am still bitter about this happening), Patch is shot in the back and killed by Cha-Cha, only to be discovered later by her ex-love, Diego. Hazel & Cha-Cha leave, but not before noticing that Klaus got away with their precious briefcase.

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Dressed in only a towel and his jacket, Klaus gets on a bus with it. Curious about what’s inside and hoping it’s money, Klaus opens it, only to disappear to God knows where. Or when.

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