‘Shadowhunters’: Best quotes from “Original Sin”

Shippers' paradise! Also: Lessons learned from this epic episode!

Everybody, we need to talk about “Original Sin!” Was it a shipper’s dream come true or what? Malec and that epic training scene that we have been fantasizing about since forever had us all hot and bothered, Sizzy left us sighing longingly (also, the sparks!!!) and Clace’s reunion was everything we could have hoped for and more! That kiss! The longing in their eyes! Jace’s smile – how long has it been since we have seen him smile?

What to say when words completely escape you? Let some quotes speak for themselves, of course!


First, we got some banter, confirming what we already know: Izzy is a total badass, Simon witty and snarky. Certainly no surprises on that front.

Simon: “Are you sure we shouldn’t check the map?”

Izzy: “I know these tunnels inside out. I used to sneak out when I was a kid and hunt demons down here.”

Simon: “Sure. Normal teenager stuff.”

Finding out stuff you didn’t know about each other is always fun…even if somewhat surprising sometimes! I mean… who would have guessed…?

Simon: “Really? The fierce warrior Isabelle Lightwood is afraid of rodents.

Izzy: “You know I’m not afraid. I’m repulsed, which is very different.”

And then there was this moment which made us all want to hug Simon. He’s a complete sweetheart:

Simon: “It’s pretty impressive how popular you are with your exes.

Izzy: “Less impressive how quickly they become my exes.”

Simon: “You just haven’t met the right guy yet.”

Finally, let’s not forget this little scene. Izzy will take no sh*t from anybody, let alone the sneaky Seelie Queen. She also doesn’t think twice about making sacrifices when it concerns people she loves.

Izzy: “If you’re not gonna help me, then shut up.”

Seelie Queen: “He needs the blood of a mortal… or a Nephilim.

Izzy: “Come back to me, Simon. You have so much more to live for.”

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/John Medland)


First and foremost, we have to mention the training scene, aka “morning exercise.” Obviously. The training session portrays Magnus and Alec as being competitive AF. Show of hands: Who is surprised? We definitely aren’t, though we are still baffled by how it was even hotter than we ever imagined possible. The chemistry went through the roof – it was a miracle our TV screens didn’t explode! Note to Magnus: Whatever you do, never stop flirting with Alec!

Training scene quotes

Alec: “Look alive.”

Magnus: “So authoritative. I like seeing you in your Shadowhunter mode.

“Alec: Don’t flirt with me.”


Magnus: “Little less rusty than I thought. Tell me you’re not just a little bit impressed.

Alec: “Those would have been your last words.”

Magnus: “Not necessarily. […] Oh, I forgot to tell you, I trained with Grand Master Mitsuyo Maeda.”

Alec: “Is that where you got your black belt in name-dropping?”

Magnus: “Oh, low blow.”

Alec: “You deserved it.”


Alec: “I didn’t know this was supposed to be a competition.”

Magnus: “Oh, am I supposed to just let you win?”

Alec: “You’re supposed to be working.”

Magnus: “Oh, you’re so cute when you’re serious.”

Alec: “I told you not to flirt with me. […] Hold that thought. Bedroom.”

Magnus: “Oh, I hope you’re not offended if I continue my training elsewhere. It’s more than a little distracting wanting to kiss my instructor every five minutes.”

Screenshot from youtube/Picture: Freeform

Struggling with mortality – quotes

When doing something as mundane as making breakfast makes you realize how out of your depth you are:

Alec: “Why are you dressed?”

Magnus: “Oh, I had to get up and go to the farmers’ market before dawn to get ingredients for our breakfast, which, admittedly, is less than perfect. Do you know how many oranges are required to make a glass of juice? More than I bought.”

The importance of moments (and not wasting them)

Alec: “Magnus, 50 years is a long time.”

Magnus: “I know, Alexander. But you’ve had your whole life to live as a mortal. For me, it’s a bit of a wake-up call. […] I want to make the most of every moment.”


Magnus: “Ive been lucky to live a life relatively free of FOMO. Can’t blame me for wanting to make each moment count.”

Alec: “Of course not. It’s just… the thing about moments is that you’ll miss them if you’re always running after the next one. When I’m 90, I’m not gonna remember the trendy gallery or the amazing Greek food we had if we don’t slow down and savor moments like these. When I’m staring into the eyes of the man that I love.”


Their reunion was so sweet it brought tears to our eyes. Finally a moment of happiness amidst all the chaos and confusion!

Jace: “I can’t believe I’m holding you.”

Clary: “I can’t believe it, either.”

Jace: “I always had this dream that one day, I’d take you to Paris.”

Clary: “Well, here we are.”

Jace: “Not sure this is exactly how I imagined it.”

Clary: “No. Somehow, it’s better.”


SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)

Watching this scene, we sure can relate. What could possibly be better than kissing and embracing the love of your life in front of the epic Eiffel Tower? After all, Paris isn’t the city of love for nothing!


SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)

The latest from the Morgenstern siblings

As much as he pretends to be a normal, loving brother, as much it is obvious he is anything but. Being a kick-ass woman, Clary refuses to be intimidated and responds with snark:

Jonathan: “You know they’ll bring you another if you want. You’re attacking that like a wolverine.”

Clary: “Sorry, I didn’t have time to eat after I passed out in the Arctic.”

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)

Before long, we finally see him show his true colors:

Jonathan: “I guess if I can’t have your loyalty, I’ll have your fear.”


Jonathan: “That was incredible.”

Clary: “You killed a man, Jonathan. A Shadowhunter.”

Jonathan: “And I did it for you. Seeing you in his arms like that, so vulnerable. It wasn’t like any kill I’ve ever done before, Clary. It felt so good. You make me good.

Clary: “That’s not what good is, Jonathan. Killing like that should never feel good.”

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)

Introducing Cain

So yeah, that happened. Who would have thought we would get to know the real, biblical Cain? Thank you, Shadowhunters writers, for that twist. We sure didn’t see it coming!

Simon: “You have the Mark of Cain, too.”

Cain: “My dear boy… I am Cain.”

What we learned from “Original Sin”

General lessons

  • Training sessions with your hot boyfriend will end up in the strong urge to kiss your instructor – and more.
  • Have a craving for hot chocolate? Paris is the place to go.
  • Enjoy moments, don’t rush them.
  • French Shadowhunters are either stupid or a bit slow. Anyway, they end up being killed.
  • Avoid strange Seelie rituals at all costs!
SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)

Three rules when dealing with a demon blooded dude

  • If a demony guy promises you a surprise/a gift, it’s always a good idea to be cautious.
  • Also, don’t trust demon guys who make heart-eyes at you. No exceptions!
  • And finally: Never correct a demony guy’s grammar – you might end up with your throat slit!
SHADOWHUNTERS – “Original Sin” (Freeform/Bruno Calvo)

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Featured Image: Freeform/Bruno Calvo


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