Remembering Luke Perry’s Roles

From Dylan to Fred, roles to remember him by

Luke Perry passed away on Monday. He was 52 years old – way too young. It’s terrible and incredibly sad. A pop culture icon, he won’t be forgotten anytime soon. As we mourn this loss, let’s honor his legacy by remembering the standout projects from his career.

Beverly Hills, 92010


For a lot of people, the name Luke Perry is synonymous with Dylan McKay, the character he played in Beverly Hills, 90120 for almost a decade. Dylan was the teen heartthrob for an entire generation.

Dylan McKay was the perfect bad boy with a heart of gold. He was cool, broody and tragic. But also smart, complicated, and sensitive. Luke Perry made it all work, especially in those early seasons when he was torn between his two loves, Brenda and Kelly (#TeamBrendaForever).

It was his defining role and he knew it, having once said,  “I’m going to be linked with him until I die, but that’s actually just fine. I created Dylan McKay. He’s mine.”

Where to watch: Hulu



The younger generation is more familiar with Luke Perry as Archie’s dad in Riverdale. As Fred Andrews, Luke Perry played the best of all the parents in Riverdale, and probably the most decent person in town. Fred was the constant good of Riverdale, always there for advice or a helping hand when you needed it. His heartfelt talks with Archie will be deeply missed.

Where to watch: Netflix and the CW



Oz was prestige TV before we were calling it prestige TV. Luke Perry had a memorable 10-episode arc in this prison drama. He played Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier, a charismatic preacher who angers the wrong people in prison and ends up with a terrible fate.

Where to watch:  HBO

John from Cincinnati


Luke Perry had a couple of shows that didn’t make it past the first season, but the most ambitious of these was definitely this short-lived HBO drama where he played surf talent scout Linc Stark. The series gave Luke Perry the chance to work with TV legend David Milch.

Where to watch:  HBO

He had memorable guest star roles in multiple shows including: Will & Grace, The Simpsons, Clone High, Community, Law & Order: SVU, What I Like About You. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)


My feelings on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie are mixed, but one thing that was never in doubt is how good and charming Luke Perry is as Pike. Pike is Buffy’s brooding love interest, an outsider who ends up teaming up and falling for the original Slayer.

Where to watch: Starz

8 Seconds (1994)


Luke Perry plays American rodeo legend Lane Frost who died at just 25 years old.  This biopic follows his life and career as a bull-riding champion.

Where to watch: Vudu


The Fifth Element (1997)


Luke Perry is only in the opening scene of Luc Besson’s sci-fi classic, but it’s still worth checking out the film and his contribution.

Before his death he had finished filming his role in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood which will be released this summer.

We will miss you, Luke. RIP.


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