‘Doom Patrol’ episode 1×03 review: “Puppet Patrol”

A long trip to Paraguay

Warning: full spoilers will follow…

Our beloved gang of oddballs are leaving Cloverton to begin their search for the Chief in this week’s episode of Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 03 - 04

Justice League! 2020!

I felt the absences of both Caulder and Mr. Nobody. The core cast was more than capable of delivering on twice the absurdity. Joivan Wade’s Cyborg is the take-no-BS voice of reason the group needs with the Chief being missing. This episode does link his origins to Mr Nobody, adding a new wrinkle to the overall story. After his dad, Silas cuts him off financially, Vic grabs a bus for the gang to go to Paraguay. (Sidebar: Why couldn’t he hack an ATM to get a few bucks?)

Vic’s journey of being taken seriously is very funny and his sibling rivalry with Cliff where he sarcastically calls out his connections to the Justice League got some laughs out of me.

You can’t outrun your true self

Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 03 - 01

Larry gets the spotlight in the pre-Negative flashbacks this week, he’s living a double life and there’s trouble at home and with his secret gay lover and walking between his two worlds takes its toll. Matt Bomer conveys the confusion of figuring out who he is with gusto. The flashbacks also don’t shy away from body horror and he loses both his wife and lover. Jane also reveals that she’s not in control of her alters.


Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 03 - 06

Jane’s alter “Flit” quickly teleports herself, Cliff and Larry to Paraguay and they end up going to Fuchtopia. “F*cktopia?” Jane asks quizzically and they’re treated a puppet show starring the Chief and it goes in on Mr. Nobody’s origins.  The show’s sense of humor is still intact. Larry discovers the chamber that made Mr. Nobody and he confronts the demon lurking within head-on. Jane comes face to face with Von Fuchs, who offers to help her treat her “condition.”

Hitting fascism where it hurts

Doom Patrol - Season 1 - Ep 03 - 12

There’s a big fight scene in Fuchtopia where the gang throws down against a group of Nazis and it was insane. Robotman relishes in his new body’s strength and Jane’s alters come out to play. Beating up Nazis never gets old.

Various musings:

  • What in the hybrid hell did Paul turn into?
  • Silver Tongue’s putting an exclamation point on the Nazi fight was excellent! (I don’t know if Silver Tongue was from Morrison’s run, might be an original creation)
  • Elasti-Woman’s sat this one out. I wanna see her cut loose!
  • I miss Mr. Nobody’s narrating.
  • Cyborg gets no respect from the public who are more concerned about the A-team in the JLA.

“Puppet Patrol” does little to derail Doom Patrol‘s momentum. Despite missing Caulder and Mr. Nobody. The gang delivers on twice the fun and pathos. Larry’s flashbacks shined the brightest and beating up fascists made for another entertaining hour.

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