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‘Black Lightning’ 2×14: Top 4 moments from “Original Sin”

Odell is watching!

Black Lightning 2×14  recap: Season 2, Episode 14, “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin,” Aired Mar. 4, 2019

In this weeks episode of Black Lightning: Jefferson comes face to face with a ghost from his past; Anissa stops sulking and goes off to find Grace; it is revealed that the Pierce family is being watched by Odell; and Jen helps design her very own suit!

Lets breakdown the top 4 moments of 2×14 in more detail:

#1 Jefferson vs Lala

Jefferson is minding his own business, grading papers at school, until Lala appears from literally no where! Jefferson is just as shocked as we were! Uhh, Lala, where have you been hiding all this time?

Lala confronts Jefferson over the death of Earl. He tells him voices told him that Jefferson must be involved, so he is here to find out the truth. However, Jefferson still can’t get over the fact that Lala isn’t dead and that he’s standing right in front of him. Lala isn’t have none of Jefferson stalling, and waves his gun in front of him.

Lala threatens Jefferson’s life – if he don’t tell the truth about Earl, he will shoot him. In the middle of his threats, it becomes apparent to Jefferson that Lala is having hallucinations. He keeps talking and shouting to someone else, but no one else is there! Lala actually thinks he can see Lawanda and Will. Will is telling Lala to kill Jefferson, where as Lawanda is telling him not to.

Jefferson tries to calm the situation down, but he ends up getting shot by Lala anyway. Jefferson is able to remove the bullet using his powers without Lala noticing, and then fights with Lala until he gets hold of the gun. Pheww, thought Jefferson was going to get hurt much worse.

Jefferson assures Lala that he didn’t directly kill Earl, but may be indirectly have caused it, as he told him to go to the police. Of course, Tobias had people on his pay role at the police station so it is no surprise that Earl ended up being targetted after snitching. Jefferson feels he let him down but all he wanted was to try do the right thing.

Lala also comes to the realization that he had his part to play in his death. Clearly time for you to go, Lala!

Let’s hope Lala doesn’t continue to be problematic for the Pierce family!

#2 Anissa goes searching for Grace

Anissa can’t stop sulking over Grace, it’s heartbreaking to watch! She just can’t comprehend how a person she loved could just up and leave her so dramatically. We can’t understand either, Anissa! Jennifer sees her sister sad, but uses the moment to give her some advice. Jen thinks instead of moping around, Anissa could do more to try and find where Grace ran off to. After all, at least Grace is still alive, and not dead like Khalil. Anissa hears Jen loud and clear, and that’s exactly what Anissa did!

Anissa finds an apartment that she believes Grace could be hiding out, but much to her surprise, an old man answers the door. He don’t seem friendly one bit, and tells her bluntly to leave. Once Anissa goes away, we discover the old man was actually Grace – she just shapeshifted into him so Anissa would leave her alone. OMG, what is happening!

Obviously Anissa wasn’t taking no for an answer and turns back up to the apartment, but this time as Thunder. She kicks down the door and finds a rotting body of a horse. Eww, why the hell is that there? Did Grace do that while she had shapeshifted? Thunder comes face-to-face with the old man again (aka, Grace) and the two fight each other. Things get heated, but then Grace gets away and escapes from the apartment.

I am so confused! This wasn’t the reunion that any of us ThunderGrace would have wanted! *sobs*

Also, what made me laugh was, that surely Grace would have put two-and-two together and realized that Thunder was Anissa? Surely? That would have been enough shock for me to shapeshift back to my natural state LOL!

#3 The Pierce family under surveillance

The Pierce family are chilling at home, catching up with each other over how their day has been! It’s just another day for them at home, but turns out something more sinister is happening. Someone is watching over, with secret cameras placed around their home.

It is revealed that they mystery person spying on them is actually Odell, along with a couple of ASA agents. Just as I thought it couldn’t get more shocking, Odell then shoots and kills the ASA agents. Um, WTF is going on!!

How long has Odell been watching the Pierce family? Why is he even doing it in the first place? Seems like he may know their family secret! Let’s hope we get answers asap!

#4 Jen gets her own suit

Jen is ecstatic over the thought of getting a new dope suit, designed by Gambi! Gambi and Lynn try to remind Jen that her suit isn’t meant to look pretty, it’s meant to keep her safe, but Jen ain’t having much of that!

“I shouldn’t have to sacrifice style over practicality.” – Jennifer Pierce

YES, JEN! A girl got to stay cute, right? Surely Uncle Gambi can understand that?

Gambi tries to keep Jennifer’s wishes in mind and comes up with a prototype of the suit. Jen cannot wait and makes Gambi let her try the suit on. But it malfunctions, and Jennifer has a mini freak out over it.

Finally, Jen fully understands where her mom and Uncle Gambi were coming from when they said the suit had to be practical! There is no rushing for a safe suit. I’m sure soon, Jen will be cruising around Freeland looking dope AF in her cool new meta-human suit!

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