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‘Arrow’: Here’s why Felicity Smoak is amazing

Felicity Smoak regularly hacks the FBI, CIA, ARGUS, and any and all abbreviated super secure government agencies with her eyes roaming the screen and her fingers flying across the keys. But let’s be real, she could do it while simultaneously filing her nails and giving sound advice to a friend.

When we first met her we gazed lovingly at the red pen she was chewing on, laughed at her fumbling attempts at acting normal in front of a Star City “celebrity,” and even admired her astute observation that yes, Oliver Queen is full of sh*t, but there is just something about him.

After seven seasons, and the announcement that Arrow will have an eighth and final 10 episode season, fans still maintain that Felicity Smoak is one of the best characters on television. And I’ll have to agree.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Saying that Felicity is a woman of STEM is an understatement. Not only is she the Best™ when it comes to all-things-code, she’s known to have talents behind a microscope and has even been called “the worlds greatest mathematician.”

Felicity Smoak, MIT Class of ’09, is one of the 37.1% of female characters in STEM. It’s pretty rare seeing a woman with Felicity’s intellect represented, and that no doubt makes her a special and vital part of the television landscape.

Strong, Graceful, Compassionate, Witty, and Flawed

Felicity Smoak brings a levity to everyone she interacts with (meaning, she makes everyone more likable… I said what I said). It’s an irrefutable fact. I have seven seasons worth of receipts.

She handles hardship with grace and strength. When she becomes privy to another persons pain, and real life struggles, she never approaches it with judgement. It’s always compassion with Felicity. Followed by the possibly ill-timed but heart warming joke.

However, Felicity Smoak is not perfect. She’s flawed just like the rest of us. She can be passive aggressive and socially awkward. And maybe even a little cutthroat. Okay, she can be very cutthroat when she feels boxed in a corner. And nobody puts Felicity in a corner.

When we are discussing strong female characters like Felicity, it’s good to take into account their flaws. Because guess what guys, women are human too. We don’t need a pedestal, we’ll be fine standing right here in our favorite panda slippers.

Proud wearer of glasses and ponytails

Felicity Smoak is found often styled in glasses and a ponytail. That’s nothing mind-blowing, many people wear glasses and ponytails. However, the female characters that do wear glasses, are usually not a love interest (or endgame ‘love of their life’) of the main character.

And those attributes strictly service Felicity’s character, and are not there for the male gaze. She wears her glasses obviously for seeing, and because they make her feel good.

When you think about women on The CW (especially in the earlier years), you think of the patented long wavy hair on a tall person.

And Felicity Smoak is beautiful (smoakin’ even), but in that aspect she wasn’t a traditional love interest. She wears glasses, and keeps her hair up and is unapologetically nerdy. Seeing that facet of a female character that wears all these things and is still seen as desirable, sexy, capable, and beautiful… was very rewarding. And wasn’t seen a lot on TV.

So basically, Felicity Smoak is hot and that’s pretty rad.

In conclusion, we are all lucky to have Felicity Smoak

I am so grateful for her. For inspiring me. For making me laugh. Making me cry. It’s going to be hard not having new episodes of ‘Felicity and Friends’ to look forward to when the series ends. But hey, that’s what fanfic and Netflix is for.

Thank you, Felicity. I love you.

Arrow is on Mondays at 8 PM on The CW.



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