‘Whiskey Cavalier’ recap: 1×02 “The Czech List”

Whiskey Cavalier recap: Season 1, Episode 2, “The Czech List,” Aired March 6, 2019
First off, gotta love a punny episode title, “The Czech List.” Clever.

Just as the first episode threw us right into the action, episode 2 does the same. The team is on the mission right from the start. This is one action-packed show.

Also, before we dive in, THE THEME IS SO COOL!!!


Whiskey Cavalier The Czech List 1x02 recap Fiery Cavalier Will Chase and Frankie Trowbridge

We opened with Will and Frankie in a fake relationship Airbnb-ing! Couldn’t ask for a better opening. HE CALLED HER “HONEY.” Clearly, they were trying to kill the shippers right from the get-go. 

AND THEN IT GOT BETTER! Will and Frankie ended up in a single body bag TOGETHER. It doesn’t get any closer than that.

Whiskey Cavalier The Czech List Will Chase Frankie Trowbridge Scott Foley Lauren Cohan body bag

And the two teased each other the entire episode. Even master profiler Susan noted that Frankie got a little jealous that Will connected with another woman – just saying.

The team

Whiskey Cavalier The Czech List the team 1x02 recap

Led by Will AND Frankie, Jai deploys the cool gadgets (an RC assault vehicle, lipstick retinal scanner, and a watch filled with explosives), Susan profiles everyone, including her team, and Edgar has the computer skills.

The whole team constantly banters with each other, and it’s wonderful.

Whiskey Cavlier The Czech List 1x02 recap Edgar Standish Frankie Trowbridge eyeball shortcut

On another note, the ease at which Frankie stabbed and removed that eyeball was disconcerting, but also so incredibly badass. Goals.

PS – I want her leather jacket.


The newest member of the team is Ray, who was assigned to the team to constantly report back to the boss on the team’s progress. Even the boss admitted it was a terrible job, so fitting for Ray, I suppose. 

Not one member of the team was happy to see him, so serious points for solidarity.

Whiskey Cavalier The Czech List Ray Prince is the new team member Will Chase

Gotta give Ray some credit, though. He kept tabs on the team’s competition and was quick to warn them. He seems to genuinely miss Will and want to be a part of the team. If he can prove himself to the team in a big way, that might just help him out, but it’s definitely going to take something epic. 

Honey trap king

Competing with another team to take down a criminal empire – tough work. They needed the retinal scan of a criminal mastermind’s widow (Bellamy Young), so they sent in Will Chase to seduce her.

Whiskey Cavlalier The Czech List Will Chase is honey trap king

Frankie seriously doubted Will’s seducing ability, but he was determined to prove his skills, betting a whole $5 on his success. Should he really collect that $5 when Frankie had to talk him through flirting at first? 

Whiskey Cavalier The Czech List Bellamy Young Karen

When Will decided to stop focusing on flirting and to be himself, he really made a connection to the widow. Use that emotional intelligence, Whiskey!  


Bellamy Young’s Karen was working with the team’s competition the whole time! She played Will while he thought he was playing her. Did not see that coming! This show is killer with it’s plot twists.

Whiskey Cavalier The Czech List 1x02 recap Bellamy Young plot twist Karen
ABC/Larry D. Horricks

And Frankie can totally say an “I told you so” here, as she said that getting attached to the mark would end up affecting the mission. Still, Will did come through when the team did eventually get Karen, and he was the one that made her spill everything she knew.

More shipping

There’s totally a Will/Frankie moment when the two get stuck in a vault and think they’re going to drown. There’s sappy music and some admissions, and they’re really kinda sweet…

…Up until the moment the two are rescued by Jai and his cool tech.

BUT after that, right when we thought the two are back to the bantering as usual, we cut to Ray in his car outside. While the rest of the gang drank to a job well done, we learned that Frankie cut Ray’s brakes when she confronted him, telling him he’ll never be part of the team and that what he did to Will was unforgivable. SHE REALLY CARES FOR WILL!!! 


Next week, chemical weapons, and Will and Frankie decide to bond!!!! And I’m supposed to wait a week for this?! I’ll definitely see you next Wednesday!


Next week:

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Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10/9c.

(Image: ABC/Larry D. Horricks)


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