‘Gotham’ recap: 5×09 “The Trial of Jim Gordon”

Gotham recap: Season 5, Episode 9, “The Trial of Jim Gordon,” Aired March 7, 2019
Written by Ben McKenzie and directed by Erin Richards, this episode was actually the last one filmed for the show. Just as you’d expect, it was epic and emotional.

We got a nice trip down memory lane with some characters we haven’t seen in a while, and some relationships take some important steps.

“The Trial of Jim Gordon” will now commence.

“Life or death – your call”

Jim Gordon stormed into Penguin’s for a meeting of Gotham’s factions. He called an immediate ceasefire in order to prove to the mainland that Gotham was worth saving. Rather than laying down their weapons, Jim was badly shot.

Gotham 5x09 recap The Trial of Jim Gordon ceasefire gone wrong

The “who shot Jim” mystery continued. The first clue Harvey found by putting the bullet fragments together. The bullet read “VZ,” Victor Zsasz. Zsasz was captured, but he wasn’t acting on his own will. He was under Ivy’s spell, so Jim was still in danger. But, man, Mrs. Ivy Pepper-Zsasz was a hilarious little moment.

Gotham 5x09 recap The Trial of Jim Gordon Victor Zsasz shot James for Poison Ivy Pepper

Meanwhile, at The Sirens club, Barbara called a truce between the gangs in an attempt to prove to Jim that she’s changed. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t quite react the way she hoped. With that, she decided to keep the baby from him.

The Trial of Jim Gordon

While in the process of dying, Jim hallucinated a literal trial and a wake, full of people whose lives he’s affected, for better or for worse – Lee, Nygma, Penguin, Haven victims, Professor Pyg, Scarecrow, and more. The central question: Are the people in Jim Gordon’s life better off with him alive or dead.

It was heartbreaking to hear all the horrible things the hallucinated beings said to Jim, especially when I realized it was all in his head, so those horrible things were all his own insecurities.

Gotham 5x09 recap The Trial of Jim Gordon Dr. Lee Thompkins


THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Bruce planned a date! There was music and candles and food – canned, but it’s Gotham, so that’s as good as it gets.

Gotham 5x09 recap The Trial of Jim Gordon BatCat Bruce Wayne Selina Kyle

And then the bombshell – when Selina was all full and happy from the date, Bruce told her that he needed to do what was best for Gotham and leave the city. While Jim hallucinated about all the things he’s done wrong in Gotham, Bruce wrestled with the same conundrum.

“People, ugh”

And just when we thought the date couldn’t get worse, Ivy crashed and put Bruce under her spell. Bruce got to Lucius, who had created a plant to reduce the toxicity of the water. His device was working well until Bruce, under Ivy’s spell, forced Lucius under the spell with him. Lucius, instructed by Ivy, reversed the plant to dump the toxins back into the water. Oh, boy.

Gotham 5x09 recap The Trial of Jim Gordon Lucius Fox Bruce Wayne Ivy Pepper

Luckily, an emotional Selina knocked Bruce and Lucius out of Ivy’s spell. However, shutting the plant down was only part of the battle. Ivy was off to make sure Jim actually died. Fortunately, Lee, who tended to Jim’s wounds, can handle herself and shot Ivy, who still got away. On the bright side, Jim’s a fighter and a hero. Of course he pulled through.

Fatherly love

I couldn’t end this recap without a shoutout to that parenting pep talk from Alfred to Lee. Alfred spoke poetically about acting as Bruce’s father in a way where flesh and blood don’t matter. To think Alfred ever considered himself unfit to be a father.


Wow, a time jump! I’m not really shocked to see Jim and Lee tying the knot, but it is extra special to see a real-life married couple’s characters get married.

Gotham 5x09 recap The Trial of Jim Gordon Lee Thompkins marries Jim Gordon

Oh, and THAT BATCAT KISS (and that look from Alfred and Lucius)!!! I actually cheered out loud.

Gotham 5x09 recap The Trial of Jim Gordon BatCat kiss Bruce Wayne Selina Kyle

We have two weeks before the next episode. Bummer we have to wait, though I’m also not ready for the show to end. Only three more episodes, everyone. I’m so sad! But I’ll absolutely see you in two weeks for some BANE.


Next week:

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